The power of sharing

It all started when I was asked to be a speaker at Cannes alongside the legendary creative leaders of BBDO and adland’s most celebrated heroes. As an agency, we had decided that we would not focus on ourselves, but shine the light on someone else’s work. I chose Mumbai Mirror’s ‘I am Mumbai’ campaign after studying all the ad films from India. I felt that it would resonate with the diverse audience at Cannes because it was based on a big universal human emotion.

After my presentation, I had so many people come up to me and thank me for sharing the ‘Mumbai Mirror’ work and giving them a deeper understanding of the film and the cultural codes of the city. The road from the Gutter Bar to my hotel was full of well-wishers and cheering delegates. For three nights after that, I had people hugging me and smiling at me and buying me drinks. I felt like a surrogate star. That experience taught me an important lesson - that sharing is one of the most powerful energies known to man. No wonder Facebook is such a superhit! Maybe in the eyes of the world, the guy who shares and gives meaning to the work is equal to the guy who creates the work. Maybe ‘sharing’ is what makes us equal.

When the film won a Gold in ‘Craft’, I felt as if I had won. Cheers to Abhinay, Taproot and RDP Productions for creating the work. Their film spoke for itself. It’s all about that one big human emotion, isn’t it?