'People don't know that I'm a geek - a complete gadget freak...'

People know that I write songs and scripts, what they don’t know about me is that I am a geek – a complete gadget freak. I spend hours in gadget shops wherever I go, trying out new things and buying them. I am fascinated by these pens I have - when I write, they scan the text at the same time and I can transfer it to my computer. There is a clip... fasten it to paper, switch it on, and while you are writing, you are scanning the text too! One of the Smart Pens has to be put on its cradle after you write, and it takes all the information. It also records dictation and scans. Some pens have to be used on special paper, but some can be used on normal paper too. I have a collection of electronic pens such as these.

Technology attracts me and how! When ‘Second Life’ started a few years ago, I promptly set up McCann’s virtual office there... I was one of the first persons to have an existence in the virtual world. A lot of people didn’t even know about Second Life back then. I bought a lot of virtual land, sold some and made money on it. On one of the plots of land, I started McCann’s virtual office. I met a digital designer online who created it. With a few of my creative directors, I used to hold creative conferences in the virtual world. They used to come in different avatars and share creative ideas. It was not very practical; we did it more for fun. Later, I sold the land and dismantled our office. You have to pay rent; and I realized I was paying rent just for the heck of it and nothing much was happening. People were not coming there for work. But even now, I am designing a few products in the digital space.

I am also an active gamer, and that’s where my seven-year-old daughter and I connect. She thinks I am cool because of this! So I buy some new game or the other and we play games together. That makes it a sort of point of contact between us.