Giving analysis and measurement tools a miss, Henna Achhpal snoops at the digital activity of brands and finds out if they’re engaging their audience, boring them or worse, spamming them!



Most Recent Campaign: #GoKnowIndia

Rating: Meh

Those looking for general knowledge and geography facts can perhaps tune into GoAir’s social media pages. For the rest of GoAir’s customers, the brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages don’t offer much. Both the feeds are populated with similar content – posts that say ‘travel brings power and love back to your life’, to generic tourist destination facts. How engaging is a question like ‘Which Indian city is your favourite summer destination?’ Twitter unsurprisingly doubles as a customer grievance centre. Social media execs should take notes from the above picture on how not to blindly copy a Facebook post on to Twitter.



Most Recent Campaign: #LovedUp

Rating: Like/Follow

IndiGo’s personalized and diligent responses to customers on social media won the brand instant brownie points. However, the overall content lacks punch which is a mix of promotion and offer related posts, and updates on delays, weather and maintenance issues.The cover story of the airline’s inflight magazine, which features IndiGo employees, is highlighted on its social media every month.Recently the Facebook page shared an album of the Kolkata Knight Riders team flying IndiGo, it would be fun to see more of such celebrity spotting pictures from the brand. While the visuals and tone of voice are in line with the brand’s mainline communication, we feel IndiGo has potential for better and more engaging content.



Most Recent Campaign: #CheerForMI; #JetInstant

Rating: Like/Follow

With a large following on both Facebook and Twitter, perhaps the most among Indian airlines, Jet Airways doesn’t have enough engaging content for its huge audience base. Perhaps the only feature from the brand’s social media content we loved was #FanOGraphy, which invites photos of not just the airline but also scenic views from the sky.This we think makes for great sharing as well as consuming content. The other content includes airline updates, promotional and offer related posts. In March, Jet Airways introduced #JetInstant which allows users to check flight status and low fare through hashtags on Twitter. A good way the brand uses its social media is to issue official statements concerning news reports such as the recent boarding denial of two Indian athletes. Considering Jet Airways is the official airline partner and principal sponsor of Mumbai Indians, it was disappointing to see that there isn’t much IPL related action on the pages, barring a #CheerForMI contest.



Most Recent Campaign: #SheIsSpice

Rating: Like/Follow

Over the last month SpiceJet’s social media content has been the usual – flight updates, offers and promotions but it’s when we reached the content for March that we were pleasantly surprised. On Women’s Day, the brand arranged for live Twitter interviews with two of its female pilots and two female cabin crew in-charges, and also shared images from 16 of its all-women crew flights. Another activity from March was the Holi flash mob at Delhi airport. During last year’s Holi, SpiceJet landed itself into trouble by organizing dance performances by its cabin crew on eight flights, mid-air. This year the airline played it safe with the same strategy but on ground. We saw a few positive feedback tweets converted into Facebook posts, perhaps the brand should do more of these.



Most Recent Campaign: #100DaysOfVistara; #VistaraDestination

Rating: Like/Follow

The airline that commenced operations in January this year is busy introducing fliers to its various features, offers and destinations through its social media content. Amidst this, the brand is also hosting several contests. Vistara recently completed 100 days and to celebrate this introduced the #100DaysOfVistara contest, asking users to send images depicting the number 100 in innovative ways. This, we thought is a refreshing change from the usual ‘selfie’ contests that brands seem to be obsessed with. Other content includes images of celebrity spotting on its flights and visuals of positive feedback from Twitter. Like other airlines, even Vistara is indulging in generic travel related quotes accompanied by stock images. We hope they ditch this strategy soon as we’re definitely expecting a lot more from the young airline.


RATING: Meh (Content is too boring to do anything), Like/Follow (Will want to see more from the brand), Share & RT (Content is relevant), Comment (Content is engaging)