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Avijit Arya, Founder, Internet Moguls talks about the importance of dreams and how pursuing them and trying to make them come true can make a big difference in people’s lives
Simplest things in life often require some level of deep diving into your inner self and so does to follow your dream. Do you dream to be famous or be idolized by all or your venture to make a million dollars? If yes,that’s not really a dream. It is a yearning desire and a need to be recognized and appreciated by the world. A dream is not held hostage by time, neither capital nor obstacles and also not by the opinion of people. If your dream can bring a positive change in your life and in others’, you must follow it, no matter what hurdles you may have to face in the course. If your dream strengthens and empowers your soul to pursue your goal, it overpowers almost anything, whatever comes up in life.
Human beings live in a multi-dimensional physical world, so it is advisable to dream with your eyes wide open. This does not imply being lost in your own world of dreams but it means being a good listener. The dream is more powerful when its impact is significant.
It’s not important to dream humongous, you can also dream on a small-scale and have a dream to change the lives of a smaller community in a positive way. Dreaming is like peeping into the future and bringing the sensation of thoughts into today’s real world, the world of reality. This would require holding the focal point with a lot of clarity and surrounding yourself with the dreamers who believe in you and your dream and allow you to stay focused. One requires to be disciplined,and needs to think over their dream deeply,before it starts evolving into reality. 
In today’s world, no idea seems crazy and impractical. Validate your dream against your own inner compass, ask your close friends, family and those who know you well enough to keep motivating you to achieve your goals. Ask them to call a spade a spade and how deeply your dream is a part of you or is it something that you are doing just to show off to the world. The more genuine and honest you are with your feelings, the closer you are to your goals. So, without making this sound complex, and the risk of dreaming and following your dreamless romantic, I wanted to emphasize on the process behind dreams that become realities vs. those that may not.
Our intense desire to turn our dream into a reality and success rejuvenates our minds in all possible ways. It increases our energy, enthusiasm and encourages us to act, to experiment with our potential, capabilities and expertise. A dream is the essence of life and being passionate enough to achieve it, motivates and direct us to a particular destination.It also sharpens and strengthens our mind and body, thereby firming our character in totality. The path to follow your dream may be difficult and challenging but with complete focus, concentration and dedication we can turn our dream into a beautiful reality.
Follow your dreams! Life without dreams is depressing. Search far and wide for yours, and make a promise to yourself that you will start pursuing them. Once you get on the path towards your goal, you will notice a distinct change in how you feel. Following your dreams will not only be a contribution to the world but also will serve as an inspiring role model for the coming generation.
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