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Tata Global Beverages’ new Jaago Re campaign, ‘Alarm Bajne se Pehle Jaago Re’ encourages people to raise a voice against social wrongs before tragedy strikes. Sushant Dash, Regional President, India, Tata Global Beverages and Amer Jaleel, Chairman & CCO, Mullen Lintas talk about the evolution of the concept of Jaago Re over the years


By Samarpita Banerjee

Nine years ago, when Tata Tea raised a voice against various social causes through its Jaago Re campaigns, it was perhaps the first time a brand encouraged citizen activism. What helped was the advent of social media which made it much easier for the common man to raise its voice against the ills in society. However, with its new 2.0 version of the now-iconic campaign, Tata Global Beverages wants to take this movement a step ahead.

The new campaign for the Tata Tea portfolio - that includes brands like Agni, Premium, Gold and Tea-Veda - has been titled Jaago Re 2.0 and will focus on Pre-activism, which the brand explains as the need to act and prevent any mishap or tragedy before it takes place, be it a farmer suicide, a bridge collapse or rape.

Conceptualised by Mullen Lintas, the new ad shows a bunch of people sleeping, with the protagonist talking about all that is wrong with our society and asking people to wake up from their deep slumber instead of waiting for the alarm to ring and make them realise that they need to act.

“We want Pre-activism to become a movement. I have no qualms in saying that we were the pioneers of citizen activism but with the new campaign, we want to tell people they need to act before tragedy strikes. Since the campaign is different from what we have been doing so far, it’s important for people to understand what we mean by pre-activism,” shared Sushant Dash, Regional President, India, Tata Global Beverages. He also added that it will be a 360 degree campaign with special focus on TV and Digital.

A look back at the different Jaago Re campaigns over the years clearly shows the evolution of the concept. While the first campaign featuring talented actor Pankaj Tripathi asked voters to wake up and realise the value of their vote and of the importance of voting for a person worthy of his/her vote, the next spoke to the youth, urging them to stop considering election day as a holiday and to go out and exercise their franchise.  The last Jaago Re campaign, the Power of 49 was rolled out in 2014 just ahead of the parliamentary elections and spoke about the important but oft-ignored population of women voters, encouraging them to vote and enlightening them of the power in their in their hands to make or break a government.  

Pointing towards how the idea of the campaign has evolved over the years, Amer Jaleel, Chairman & CCO, Mullen Lintas, who has been a part of the Jaago Re campaign since its inception said, “The main difference is, Jaago Re, in the beginning used to be about issues. We would take up an issue and show our point of view. Now, we think there are too many people doing that, people are talking about some issue and giving some point of view. So we needed to get away from that and talk about the space of social activism on the whole.”

But did the brand ever think that the campaign had run its course and it was time to bring out a completely different campaign? Dash said that they did, for a while, “When we started talking about the next version of Jaago Re, the debate was around what next. We had already talked about questioning politicians, about voting, corruption and women empowerment. We could have chosen to focus on another topic on similar lines. After we started the Jaago Re journey, there were many other companies and brands that had started talking about social change and cause-related marketing. Other brands had also caught up. We realised that if we wanted to create a next wave, we had to do things differently and show thought-leadership.” He added, “Also, it has been nine years since we started and the youth has now moved on. So we needed to talk a new language and needed to try and enter the youth habitat. We did discuss about whether we should drop Jaago Re, whether it had lived its life, whether we needed to look at a completely new campaign. We realised that Jaago Re as a property still has a lot to give. Social change is a continuous journey.  We needed to look at it from a completely different paradigm.  That is why we are calling this version Jaago Re 2.0. While we are still in the space of social change, the language and the way we are going about it is completely different,” added Dash.

The new campaign will be carried out in three phases. In phase one, Tata Tea, over a period of eight to ten weeks will try to establish the meaning of pre-activism through its TVC and the aim would be to encourage people to start talking about it. In the second phase, the objective will be to get consumers to participate in the concept of pre-activism and in the final phase, Tata Tea will conduct activities in the realm of pre-activism.



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