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Seema Sood, CEO, QiCom Brand Solutions has declared this year as a year of expressing and sharing. She aims to not only share experiences but also feelings, ideas and concepts


‘Speak out! Tell me! Listen... say something… What’s the matter, why so quiet? Can’t you hear?’ and several modulations of the same context are put forth to us or by us to many. Today, despite several platforms of sharing, talking and engaging, I still feel that there are too many unsaid words, unshared experiences, unheard conversations that never see the light of day. In fact, today the more there is to say, the lesser is being said or heard all around…there is more noisy chaos than real conversation…at least civil conversation of meaning, if I may say so.

So, I decided to make this year a ‘year of expressing and sharing’. A year to not only share experiences but also feelings, ideas, concepts.

Silence is the new language, unsaid, untold and still expected to be understood. Why do we need to encourage this language as leaders? I think it’s really important for us to work on each individual’s word craft. The way we cut through silence defines us as people, and it becomes very necessary to talk, share and hear through this thick, murky silence. And out there, many of us need help to voice opinions and thoughts in a constructive and positive way. As leaders, it’s imperative that we step out there and hold that hand to converse and ensure that we can set positive examples of breaking this unbearable silence.

Feelings and emotions need words with meaning. Otherwise, they become irrational and incomprehensible. Our endeavour should be to word them, in a light that they express the true story and help in understanding the depth of the joys and sorrows each one we touch, goes through. And sometimes these greys are good but grey needs expression too. And, we pass life, without really caring for, the feel we have for things, that surround us and make our world. As true proponents in this world let us teach ourselves and others too this dying art that will magically change the world we occupy.

Lessons of failure are important to pass. We savour the joys of success with our young yet, fear to express our misgivings, misfortunes and even broken hearts. Our stories are coined to make them smile and yet the lessons that we should share hide in corners. Our pain is ours alone. And that is unfair not only to us but to others, I think for every hurt there is a fall that needs expressing and it’s important for our young guns to hear that creak in our heart and our endeavour. Failure is the father of success and honest sharing of this failure lessens the burden of success.

Spiritual deficit is another folly of our times. We are all living perforce in a world that could be ruled by a certain fanaticism if we don’t stop and take account. We lived in a variety of eras, each one leading to economic and material success and now it’s imperative that we fill the spiritual void with rational emotion that brings us to share and care. Lessons are all around us and we need to just make them a part of each life such that we become better humans. Life will live beyond us and caring must be an endeavour that each one pursues with relentless doggedness.

‘Yes men’ is a long gone era and the faster we comprehend this the better it is for us. No longer do we become a part of folklore by being stubborn and relentless. We need to appreciate and encourage dissent. We need to appreciate the strength of character that is required to be a naysayer. Rewards have befallen those who have been a part of a group in corporate structures and yet the memories for all are of those who stood apart. We need to see beyond our limited view and faster we learn that the quicker we would become true carriers of entrepreneurship.



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