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It’s an understatement to say that we live in a challenging world and in challenging times. Times of extreme competition, looming wars, continuous validation of one’s self out in the world and at work, to say the least. It’s enough to rattle our nerves regularly. And let’s face it, none of us can escape it.

No wonder the detox, spas, vipassana, getaways are booming business. And we are their most sought-after clientele. The question is, from what do we seek detox? When we go for vipassana, what exactly are we running away from? Our active minds? Our work or the world at large? And where exactly can we run to and for how long?

I started working really early in life and have had my share of rattled multi-phases where the best and most expensive of so-called detox would not work. I actually had an Eureka moment a couple of years back and realized you can be only as stressed as you would like to be. If we only know our professional goals and not our personal goals, it will without fail be a topsy -turvy ride that never actually lets you be at peace.

It’s going to be a never-ending cycle of work, strive, escape and return. Repeat. The mantra, I realized, is to be at peace with yourself. If we consciously work towards our balance of our ‘karma’ and our ‘dharma’, life can be extremely enriching, for us and for the ones around us. If we just take that step back and re-evaluate which fights are worth fighting, and not get consumed by ambitions only of the professional kind, assess what our soul wants at times, what gives us real peace and happiness, we will become more efficient and happier people at home and at work.

What is it that brings that one big smile to your face that travels to your eyes and thereby to your soul? Do you know what it is yet? I realized some years back, totally by default. For me, it was taking care and tending to souls who have no voice unless you decide to be their voice. And thereby started a new life of feeding, treating, fostering stray and injured animals whenever I could. The peace I feel in those few minutes when I ‘know’ my soul is one with God and the Universe is unparallelled. When I see gratitude and love-filled eyes looking back at me, it brings back all the energy I need the next day for my work and the world at large. It relaxes and satiates me, the way no vipassana can.

So, find out what is your soul’s calling. You might have a different calling of course, but the end result would be the same. Reboot your mind, regularly. See what your priority is. Ask your soul pertinent questions. Consciously dissociate from what is not positive and important. Try spending your time where you soak in positive energy.

It’s not always easy , but with regular reminders to your mind to do so, your mind starts listening to you. I can vouch for this; it makes you a better worker, a better co-worker, and gives you the will and renewed energy to accomplish and face all that comes your way. Also if your mind is positive, so is your body. Slowly those niggling pains disappear. Your vipassana begins right there, at your work desk or in your living room. When you give out happiness to the universe, you feel happy. And when you are happy, you are the best at everything you do. Then, external validation is just icing on the cake. In your mind, you already know and are sure who you are and what you want. That’s what matters the most!


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