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Sherina Kapany, CEO, sunSTRATEGIC talks about what gives a Digital agency an edge and how brand building is the most important aspect of any business





How sure are you that your Digital marketing agency is a peach? Now that you have an answer, I want to know on what was the answer based on. Is it based on numbers like reach, impressions provided by your agency or real increase in your company business level?


All these questions are really crucial if you are opting for Digital marketing and I am happy to tell you that I have found the answers for it. But how did I find it? Well, experience talks. So, my company like many others, have had invested on lemons that had left a bad taste behind. So, here are six tell-tale signs which will help you distinguish between the peaches and the lemons of this market.


1. Numbers that have not increased your business levels
They are many Digital marketing terms which wow you but actually have little relevance in increasing your business levels. Conversion metrics are what will help you. These will help you concentrate on population that is interested in your services and will actually increase your revenue.


2. Waiting for a rise in your SEO ranking
If the goal of your company is to boost its SEO (search engine optimization) ranking and your agency seems to be taking its own sweet time and keeps you in dark about their advancements, you should look into it. For your agency to progress, it should constantly need your ownership credentials. This way you can ensure that your agency is on the right track and is actually putting in efforts on your assignment.


3. Are your service plans customised for you?
If they are not, that is your third sign of cheating. Every company’s field of expertise is different as are the needs of the company. There is no term ‘one size fits all services’ in Digital marketing. So if your agency is offering a plan that is handed down from their other clients, then maybe you should start searching for a new agency.


4. Reactive or Proactive?
In the present world, being reactive will get us nowhere. If your agency is waiting for things to happen to roll out your plans, you are dealing with a wrong agency. Also dealing with these types of agencies will have no impact on your business.


5. Are you a part of your company’s Digital wave?
It is your company, your business, your image but you are still not updated on what is happening to your given assignments. You will therefore need to step in right away and see that you are on the same page as them.


6. How Digital are your agency plans?
Digital media is on a roller coaster now. Everything around us, big or small, is entering the Digital globe. At times like these, if your agency is still following the old Print, TV and Radio advertisement strategy, I would say you are on a slippery slope. It does not mean that traditional methods are no more effective but their relevance is decreasing since the social media reach is far wider and much more efficient.

With all that being said, a good Digital marketing agency should also provide you with good content for your business. Content is king and lousy content will fail to gather attention from your customers. Your Digital marketing agency should consider your business as their business and work to make it better.

Brand building is the most important aspect of any business. We, at sunSTRATEGIC, acknowledge this wholeheartedly. You are your brand. We give you an identity.


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