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Neha Bajaj, Managing Director, Scroll Mantra shares how travelling has worked wonders for her health, mind, soul and even her profession


By Neha Bajaj
Managing Director, Scroll Mantra.

Musician Marc Anthony famously said, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” This has always resonated with me as an entrepreneur. When you are passionate about your work and respect it, there will never be a day when your business will feel mundane and tedious. I come from a working middle class family and as children, we were taught that hard work and sincerity are the most important values to achieve success. Communications and media always attracted me while growing up, and eventually I started working in this field. Almost a decade later, I gathered the courage and confidence to start my own company, Scroll Mantra, an integrated marketing communications firm. In the last three years, we have seen numerous challenges and today, I can proudly say that my dream and vision for the company has gradually become a rewarding reality.

Professionally, I have come to realize that a good work-life balance is essential for all-round growth and prosperity. Moderation is essential to attain a balanced lifestyle; equal time should be spent in both spheres of one’s life. Women and men today are focused on making a career for themselves, but it is also important to realize that it is okay to have a bit of fun. A great way to have fun is to travel. Short trips, long trips, weekend trips, travel during the week... it doesn’t really matter as long as you take that break.

Travelling has done wonders for my health, mind and soul. My impulse to explore and travel to various unknown and beautiful parts of the world, including the endlessly beautiful terrains of India, played a big role in helping me accomplish my goals. I have been incredibly fortunate, having travelled to numerous destinations in India and around the world, be it touristy ones or the lesser known and seldom explored, and these experiences have opened me up to such different aspects of the world which need to be felt and experienced. Guidebooks or TV shows wouldn’t do them any justice. Leh and Scotland, however, are the most inspiring and picturesque of all the places I have had the pleasure of exploring.

Travelling is essential, a quick trip to the nearest hill station or a beach is a great way to pamper yourself, to cut down stress and rejuvenate the mind. Travelling is the best way to learn about various cultures, languages and traditions.When in a profession such as Public Relations, travelling is a great channel to help you enhance your approach to communication, because it gives you opportunities to interact with new people that you otherwise would not have had the chance to connect with. It helps secure a broader perspective not only of the world, but also about yourself. Experiencing new scenic locations and cultures inspires and boosts creativity. A delicious assortment of flavours greets travellers along their journey and I usually look forward to experimenting with cuisines in my travels. So much so, that a good knowledge gained from such delicious experiences have helped me plan the communications strategy for many of our hospitality clients.

As a young entrepreneur, one thing that I have learnt and live by is to always be passionate in whatever you do. You only have one shot at life (unless you are a cat!) and you should live it tothe fullest, have fun and dream big so you can realize your full potential.Pursuing your passion helps you focus and keeps youmotivated to work harder and do better. As someone has rightly said – in the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.


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