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Prasun Kumar, Chief Marketing Officer, magicbricks.com pens down his five most important learnings from his different trekking experiences and how it has helped him re-invent himself


By Prasun Kumar

Chief Marketing Officer, magicbricks.com


“I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.” - Frida Kahlo


This is the line that always rings in my ear. Many a time, I have asked myself, “Do I really know myself the best?” or “Do I really need to be alone to find the real me?” Answers are hard to find.

Knowing your inner self is just not about ticking a few boxes; it takes a deep dive to find the real you. It is a journey that each one of us must undertake to get closer to our deepest fears, insecurities, vulnerabilities and self-doubts.

Today’s fast-paced life wears us down a lot, so it has become more important for us to understand ourselves better. We live in a volatile and complex world, where we need to be on top of the game. So, we can’t afford to lower our guard for a moment. With time, we realize the need to reinvent ourselves. But time is not always on our side.

Reinventing starts with soul-searching: We need to break away from the hullaballoo of normal life to recharge ourselves. So, for the last three years, to understand and connect with myself better and also to unclutter my life, I started trekking.

Why trekking? Trekking crossed my mind like a random thought. It was indeed challenging, given its sheer physical ordain, but the first step is always the giant step. The first trip I undertook was to Chandrashila Peak in the Garhwal Himalayas over a winter weekend. To my utter surprise, I came back a changed man.

Trekking is a lonely activity and when you reach the top, it is lonelier than ever. But the journey to the top is an eye-opener. The road leads you through the twists and turns of unknown places, much like your own life journey. With frequent trips, I started getting to know the real me. 

Trekking is therapeutic as it teaches you -

How strangers become friends in strange lands: You start as strangers and finish as friends, that’s what trekking teaches you. Breaking the ice becomes so easy. You understand the value of laughter and a smile. In our lives, we take relationships for granted. We stop talking; neither do we listen. We start living in a virtual world, where our popularity is determined by the number of friends we have on our social network. Strange as it may sound, it is the truth.

Learn the value of perseverance: On many occasions, we give up easily on our hopes and goals. But trekking teaches the importance of perseverance. ‘Keep walking’ is what you tell yourself and you realize that if the same philosophy is applied in other aspects of life, your journey will be easier.

Cherish the simple things in life: You start cherishing the simple things in life. Be it the latest cellphone or laptop, unlimited Internet, smart watch or battery pack, you realize you don’t need them. You start cherishing the simple yet the most valuable things in life – air, water, food and friends.

Learn to slow down: There is no need for the mad rush that we have made of our lives. There is no end to this race. To be honest, we are driven by peer pressure. In this fast-paced world, we must learn when to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life. The eternal truth is that we don’t have much time, and we have to make the most of it.

Learn the power of appreciation: Somehow, we have forgotten to appreciate the little things in life. Trekking teaches us to appreciate little things that bring the greatest joy. After all, the true satisfaction of a great trek lies in the journey itself.

The better you know yourself, the quicker you can re-invent. After all, you know your deepest fears, insecurities, vulnerabilities and self-doubts. Have no fear, no inhibitions - you are never too old to dream. 



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