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Zirca Digital Solutions’ new tool, ContentdB, is aimed at helping marketers amplify their digital campaigns. Neena Dasgupta, CEO & Director and Karan Gupta, Managing Director, Zirca talk about the importance of a tool like ContentdB and all that Zirca is doing to become the one-stop digital shop for marketers


In a world dominated by different screens, content marketing has become an efficient way to reach out to consumers through multiple touchpoints. However, managing content-led campaigns and maximising impact has been a challenge for most marketers. To help marketers simplify the entire content-management process, Mumbai-based Zirca Digital Solutions has launched ContentdB, a native advertising management platform.

ContentdB is a dashboard interface, which collates all campaign reports in one place to establish how users respond to the same information differently, thus, allowing brand marketers to optimize and make their investment give better results.

Explaining how the platform amplifies a Digital campaign, Neena Dasgupta, CEO & Director, Zirca says, “There is a gap in the market when it comes to executing content amplification. Native advertising has taken its own shape and form and has become another means of doing performance advertising.  When a brand does its content amplification campaign, they use content discovery widgets like Outbrain, Taboola, Revcontent, social platforms like Facebook and Twitter and also Search. The response from each platform is limited to that environment. For example, a campaign on Outbrain will only show how the content was consumed on Outbrain’s ecosystem. However, if I wanted a consolidated report on how a piece of content was consumed across multiple amplification platforms, that’s not possible and that’s where ContentdB comes in.”

While showcasing the complete portfolio of a particular campaign on one dashboard, the new tool also allows to buy and manage campaigns. Talking about the relevance of a tool like ContentdB, Karan Gupta, Managing Director, Zirca says, “Brands realize the importance of high-quality content and its amplification across the web. ContentdB’s launch in India has propelled us closer to serving as a one-stop destination for a marketer’s content needs. ContentdB will introduce efficiency to content amplification campaigns and help marketers evaluate the performance of their native content.”

However, will ContentdB solve the marketer’s challenge of measuring RoI? Dasgupta says that ContentdB is the first step towards addressing that concern. “The definition of RoI is critical in content. Content leads to thought pattern shift which is impossible to map. However, it’s simpler to ascertain what influences thought pattern shifts. We will soon launch another product in September that looks at psychographic profiling and thought pattern shift with a new metric. ContentdB helps measure RoI is by ensuring that you know what’s happening at each stage of the campaign,” says Dasgupta.

Zirca also plans to launch a knowledge series called Ungeek that aims to drive conversations around content marketing. Dasgupta shares, “We are all learning about content marketing together. This will give a platform to marketers to simply come, talk, ask questions, update their knowledge and then form their own opinions.”

Founded in 2012, Zirca today has access to over 3,000 advertisers and aims at becoming a one-stop shop for advertisers as long as content is concerned. Dasgupta says, “Clients have a lot of content at their disposal but they don’t really know how to curate it. We are telling clients that we will create content pieces for them. We have built a strong ecosystem where we can make films. We own a production company as well as editors and content writers. Our content ranges from spirituality and goes to space management and space research. Moreover, our ecosystem spans across cultures and countries. We have spent a lot of time and money on building a strong foundation as far as content is concerned. We want to be in the space of solutions, to make sure that a brand is getting all that he is seeking from, with the help of content.”  

Currently, Zirca exclusively represents more than nine international brands including The Economist, Fast Company, Microsoft,, Skype, and Bing in India. With a presence in South East Asia, Zirca is also working on expanding its global footprint. “ContentdB will be launched in Singapore in a month and we are looking at resellers in that region. We will enter Europe next year where we will launch both ContentdB and our future offering that is in the pipeline.”


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