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Dushyant Jani, Founder & CEO, Mobclixs Technologies shares his experience of becoming an entrepreneur and what are the qualities that are needed to help one succeed in the role


By Dushyant Jani
Founder & CEO, Mobclixs Technologies

Before actually donning the hat of CEO and helming an entire company, I have worked from scratch with techie organizations. However, somewhere there was always a concern, an empty feeling of not having been able to strive forward and achieve greater heights. Starting up a whole new venture was never part of my plan, though an exciting change in organization or a change in designation was something I eagerly awaited.   

After a few years of experience in the Value Added Services (VAS) field, I had realized my passion and inclination for this very same industry. It was this realization that led me to believe that all I had dreamt of could finally come true, and would maybe fill that emptiness in me. It was this moment that changed my life. Venturing out on my own and becoming an entrepreneur was that exciting ‘change’ that I had dreamt of.

With the establishment of my venture, my new dreams and my new journey of life began!

For start-up companies, initial stages are very crucial. They have to go through an important phase of financial struggle and all the legal formalities. Moreover, start-up investment is difficult to source and they then come chasing on return on investments, which is the other big hurdle one has to face.

While venturing out as an entrepreneur, one has to be extremely firm and strong-willed to stay in the ever-dynamic, competitive atmosphere. Start-up companies have to prove themselves right from investment to production and later, on efficient delivery, making it a challenging task, not only for the entrepreneur himself, but also for his employees involved.

A successful entrepreneur is he who turns around the hindering market policies to his favour. Every business has its fair share of ups and downs as newer trends soon take over and eventually dominate the industry. This is why budding entrepreneurs need to continuously work on the key pillars of innovation and invention. This has proven to be a valuable learning even in my own business prospects.

A symbolic penchant in the journey of entrepreneurship is that of determination. A successful entrepreneur needs to ride on the wheels of determination to achieve significant goals, to raise the company to new heights, to grow with your employees and lastly to fulfil your dreams from within. In order to grasp this essence of entrepreneurship, one has to be positive in every constraint, be strong to face challenges and keep oneself down to earth with every success.

Lastly, be courageous, be ambitious; but also, don’t forget the virtues of kindness and happiness. While ambitions will take you on to greater heights, it is your relationships with colleagues, friends, and family that will help you cherish and savour your achievements; while at the same time stand by you in your darkest moments.


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