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Keshav Bansal, Director, Intex Technologies (India) Ltd. & Owner, Gujarat Lions talks about his love for adventure sports and how it has helped him cleanse his inner self, time and again


By Keshav Bansal
Director, Intex Technologies (India) Ltd. & Owner, Gujarat Lions


Adventure is not outside man; it is within.

– George Eliot


This quote brought about a realization in me. In the pursuit of staying ahead in every walk of life, I have often been striving to maintain a balance between external pressures and internal peace. Hectic schedules do not permit me to indulge in hobbies or passions, as I am inevitably involved in multiple activities all the time. It is only at the end of the day, as I go to bed, that I ask myself questions like “What should I do to rejuvenate my inner self?” The only answer that comes to my mind is “Adventure sports.”

Adventure sports, or extreme sports, are nothing but recreational activities that involve a higher level of risk. These activities generally involve a great deal of physical exertion, some specialized sports gear, height and speed. They induce an adrenaline rush in the participant. Here are some of my favourites:

Sky-diving: Sky-diving is one of the best adventure sports activities I have tried till date. The kind of excitement that is built within due to intense training and anticipation takes you to another level. I was fortunate enough to get my training from some of the world’s best trainers, and learnt professional sky-diving in just 10 days in Spain. It is an amazing feeling when you sky-dive, the moment you are off the plane, it is just you right there, alone, flying high in the sky.


Scuba-diving: My first scuba-diving experience was in South Africa. It is one of the world’s most sought-after scuba diving destinations. Having explored some of the most exquisite underwater locations such as Sodwana Bay and the Aliwal Shoal, there was definitely no looking back on this sport. A week’s training and I had mastered this sport. I have also travelled to some more popular scuba-diving locations like Indonesia, Micronesia, Maldives and the Egyptian Red Sea.

Bungee-jumping: I call this the breath-taking sport. All you do is jump from a higher ground or a bridge with a specially designed rope tied to your ankles and just fall. Sounds daunting, right! To be honest, it is, to some extent. But the safety measures involved in this activity are something to learn about. The ropes are designed to stretch and not break. So when you jump, the rope stretches all the way and bounces back. At that moment, you can experience the plight of a bird. Of course, training is a prerequisite in this sport too. I trained at Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa, one of the world’s highest bungee-jumping sites. The next location on my bucket list for bungee-jumping is Macau.

All of these activities are not meant only for sheer pleasure; they also cleanse the inner you. It’s the only time when you are not worried about any worldly pressures and are by yourself, close to nature. Just as a spa treatment rejuvenates your body and senses, adventure sports rejuvenate your soul. Being at peace with the inner you is intrinsic to excel in all that you do.

My take-away from adventure sports is that you are never going to find time; so you have to make time. Do things that you have longed to do, share your experiences with the world and urge others around you to follow their passions as well. After all, balance is the key to a good life.


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