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Sumeet Narang of Bajaj Auto talks about Dominar 400 becoming the first Indian bike to tame the Trans-Siberian Odessey, one of the toughest routes in the world. Sudhanshu Nagpal of Mondelez India talks about its recent campaign, #MilkGoesShopping.



As an interesting way of promoting its offering Bajaj Dominar 400, Bajaj Auto has taken three Indian bikers, Deepak Kamath, Dilip Bhat and Sudhir Prasad across one of the toughest terrains in the world, the Trans-Siberian Odyssey. The 15,500 km journey that was completed in 53 days took the riders across six countries and was aimed at giving proof to the customers that the bike could take on the toughest ride without breaking down once. Sumeet Narang, Vice-President, Marketing, Bajaj Auto, tells us more:

WHY THE TRANS-SIBERIAN ODYSSEY: We have coined a new tagline for Dominar, ‘Go Hyper-riding’. It’s about taking riding to the next level which requires a certain degree of intent and courage from the rider and also depends on the ability of the bike. Hyper-riding is about a bike that’s got performance, stability, control and the right technology. We wanted to demonstrate these abilities. A lot of our competitors go to Leh Ladakh, which is considered a signature route for an able bike and rider. While it is a beautiful route, it has become passé. We wanted to go beyond that and thus decided to go for the toughest journey in the world. If the bike could do it, that would be hyperriding in the true sense. The journey stretched over 15,500 kms including off-roading, going through slushes, sharp declines and fantastic highways. We have generated a fair amount of interest around Dominar. What we wanted to offer was proof of performance, which is a great endorsement.

TAKING THE CAMPAIGN AHEAD: We wanted the story of this amazing feat to be shared with customers and riding enthusiasts. While the initiative is being promoted heavily on digital, there is nothing like sharing experiences face-to-face. We are taking the three bikes on a victory lap across top 10 cities in India that have a large riding community. People will get to see the bikes and interact with the three bikers, who will spend a couple of days at each of the venues. They would also spend time meeting customers at the dealerships, talking to them about their experience. Dominar customers will also be given an opportunity to ride along with the hyper-riders on Sundays. This is perhaps the closest customer experience anybody can dream of.

Adding a cute twist to its initial TV campaign, ‘Subah ka Biscuit’, Mondelez India recently released its digital-first campaign #MilkGoesShopping to reinforce Bournvita Biscuits as the ideal companion to a glass of milk in the morning. While the cute antics of life-sized milk bottles managed to rake in social media views and engagement with netizens, Sudhanshu Nagpal, Head, Biscuits Category, Mondelez India shares the larger objective of how the brand looks to ‘milk the situation’!

SENDING MILK BOTTLES SHOPPING: Biscuits is a huge category in our country with more than 2000 brands selling at any point of time. Bournvita biscuits were launched with a clear proposition, i.e., ‘the best biscuit to give your kid in the morning with a glass of milk’. Our challenge was to deliver this simple message of ‘Bournvita Biscuits goes well with milk’ in an otherwise routine category & make our presence felt. Hence, we came up with the idea of making milk bottles go shopping for their favourite partner.

CHOOSING THE DIGITAL-FIRST ROUTE: Consumers today like to discover content on digital (particularly Facebook) and have the inclination to view long-form content on digital, as opposed to TV. That is what led to this novel initiative and since we were developing long-form content, we decided to go digital-first from a media perspective.

CAMPAIGN RESPONSE AND FUTURE PLANS: While we were quite excited with our content, the response has exceeded our expectations (Total Impressions: 50,726,569, People Reached: 27,433,541, Views: 9,611,542) from a view through rate, overall engagement and positive social media commentary perspective. We have an exciting calendar in place for Bournvita Biscuits, with one of our key goals being to own the partnership with milk.

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