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Malik Gilani, Founder & CEO, Esar Media & Advertising Pvt. Ltd talks about how the feeling of setting up a start-up and the accomplishment one feels after creating something from scratch is incomparable


Founder& CEO, Esar Media & Advertising Pvt. Ltd

Yes, definitely to start-up is the answer! Having trodden down the entrepreneurial path myself, and today holding together the reigns of an entire business organization, I firmly believe that to venture out and start something of one’s own brings about a true sense of accomplishment.

Starting-up is that juvenescent state of the mind that brings out the crucial traits of confidence, risk-taking abilities, focus, determination, leadership capabilities and growth in one’s persona. It is the green signal from any and every perspective; be it personal, professional or economic. Sure, it could seem like a mammoth peril in the beginning; but, with true passion and dedication the journey that once perceived as scary, grows on to be exciting. You greet challenges with a smile and take on any obstacles that come your way.
The idea of establishing a start-up has to be thought through and well chosen. While there are a plethora of ideas waiting to be explored, one needs to critically examine how viable the idea is.  With a carefully weighed idea, one can form a start-up even in an artistically inclined industry, be it dance or theatre for that matter! Incidentally, in the case of an idea where the product is rather far away from reality, one should re-consider starting up. Always keep in mind that your perceived idea needs to perfectly fit in the real world today. A well-analysed idea functions as the backbone of your entire organization.

Sometimes, it so happens that human minds get over-ambitious with a simple idea. You must understand that your business intention should not seem like rocket science to your target consumer base. Which is why, the basic fundamental behind establishing a start-up is to reduce the pre-human efforts of consumption. Moreover, what makes for a successful start-up is the democratic approach towards the quality and quantity of the product.

 An important facet of entrepreneurship - which many tend to ignore - is that of effective surveys and market research. These tools make for a principal part in the entire starting up process and not only help your start-up flourish, but also sustain it. We are all aware that in any market, industry or sector, the consumer is the king. They have varied tastes, preferences and likes and these are changing every day. To not keep up with the changing consumer attitudes will invariably lead to the downfall of your organization. Consequently, it is only market research and surveys that will help you keep pace with dynamic consumer behaviour.

Through extensive market research, one is exposed to details of varied consumer data and the demographics of the core target group. These ultimately define the success of your products and promotions. Finally, how you promote your start-up solely lies in your creativity and skill; however, I’d like to sign off with one piece of advice – ‘Marketing happens in the market and not in the office!’



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