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Aseem Chandra, Senior Vice-President, Digital Experience Strategic Marketing, Adobe talks about its newly launched Adobe Experience Manager. Rudrarup Maitra, Head - International Business, Commercial Vehicles talks about the four VR films that the brand has come up with for Tata Prima



Adobe has unveiled tighter integrations and seamless workflows between creatives, marketers and data analysts in Adobe Experience Manager. These advances better enable brands to reach consumers across the full range of devices and channels. Adobe Sensei, the company’s AI and machine-learning framework, further automates the delivery of personalized content, empowering marketers to work smarter and faster. Brands must produce, execute and iterate on compelling content at ever-increasing velocity to engage with consumers, which is not an easy feat. New ways to pull creative content instantaneously from Adobe Creative Cloud into Marketing Cloud let brands integrate content and data more closely and deliver a seamlessly integrated experience.

“Content will always play an integral role in building brand loyalty, with personalization, authenticity and design reigning supreme,” said Aseem Chandra, senior vice president, Digital Experience Strategic Marketing at Adobe. “The new content capabilities empower brands to deliver digital experiences that delight consumers and uniquely integrate content and data.”

Among other things, the new intelligent content capabilities will empower marketers to discover images through Smart Tags, automatically personalize content, tailor images for different screens, automate tasks in bulk and deliver experiences faster. It will also make form-filling a better experience, allowing organizations to automatically identify and quickly change input fields from a traditional PDF into a great mobile experience, reducing customer frustration and abandonment.


Tata Motors has recently unveiled its first Virtual Reality (VR) campaign, a series of four ‘Hybrid VR films’ titled ‘Formidable 4’ for the Tata Prima trucks. Conceptualized by Ogilvy Digital’s Mumbai branch, this is probably the first time that VR has been used to showcase products from the commercial vehicle segment. Rudrarup Maitra, Head - International Business, Commercial Vehicles, Tata Motors, George Kovoor - Group Creative Director, Ogilvy Mumbai and Namrata Keswani - Head of Digital Domain, Ogilvy Mumbai tell us more.

CUTTING THROUGH CLUTTER: Rudrarup Maitra says, “In the international markets, where you are competing with a lot more brands as compared to India, getting away from the clutter was a challenge. We asked ourselves, how do we give customers an experience where they actually experience the Prima for what it was? Using VR would not just break the clutter but give them an experience that is not just immersive but one that they would wake up the next day and remember – along with some of the features of the trucks that have been highlighted in the films.”

THE TECH EDGE: George Kovoor says, “In the markets that Tata Prima was put out, there are other established tech giants like Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Volvo, etc. With this campaign, Tata Motors wanted to create something that would give them the technological edge. In all the markets they exist in, it’s almost impossible to give customers test drives in four different terrains. The idea behind the films was to carry the Prima right up to a customer’s desk. The films are modular and we can add and subtract whenever we want.”


WHAT LIES AHEAD: Namrata Keswani says, “The idea is not for it to completely replace a test drive, but to bring it to experience the product as closely as possible, given that it’s a large vehicle and access at the showroom may not always be possible. We have kicked it off with Prima in the current avatar, but it can be changed in future. The films allow people to take the experience outside the showroom, for example, we showcased the films at the Auto Expo this year. The films equip the sales and brands team to get a potential customer to experience their product as closely as possible.”

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