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Star India announced the launch of the Star Re.Imagine Awards to recognize the creativity and innovation in the use of integrated media in advertising campaigns aired during the VIVO IPL 2018 on Star Sports and Hotstar. Gayatri Yadav, Head Consumer Strategy & Innovation, Star India tells us more

THE AWARDS: VIVO IPL 2018 is poised to be one of the biggest sporting events ever and is the most powerful platform to connect with consumers and build brands. Star Re.Imagine Awards is a first of its kind initiative that will celebrate and recognize creativity & the integrated use of media on this the largest stage of any campaign. We are very excited to bring together a bespoke independent jury of some of the most eminent names across marketing, media and storytelling, to celebrate two campaigns aired during this VIVO IPL 2018 on Star Sports network and Hotstar which push the boundaries of creativity. Recognising that great campaigns are powered by great teamwork, the award will celebrate members of the integrated team across marketing, creative and media, who will be hosted for a premier global sporting event.  We hope to make Star Re.Imagine Awards the space where new legends will be born!

THE PROCESS: Every creative broadcast on Star Sports and streamed on Hotstar during the VIVO IPL 2018 will automatically be eligible for the Star Re.Imagine Awards. A jury that includes advertising legend Sir John Hegarty, creative director Piyush Pandey, filmmaker Raju Hirani, marketing veteran Vibha Rishi, digital evangelist Rahul Welde and adman V Sunil will deliberate on the winners on May 26, and select two campaigns that they believe have excelled in terms of creativity and leveraging the platform. The awards will not only celebrate creativity but also recognize and appreciate teamwork.  


Disney’s Aladdin, the Broadway-style musical, will premiere on the Indian stage this April. BookMyShow is the producer with exclusive rights for the Indian production of this Disney hit and PayPal, the preferred payments partner. Ashish Hemrajani, CEO and Founder, BookMyShow tells us more

ON THE ASSOCIATION WITH DISNEY: We have had a long association with Disney which culminated in the Broadway-style musical, Beauty and the Beast in 2015 where we worked closely with Disney. Aladdin was a natural progression for us and we felt that this was the right time to see where our consumer preference was going. As market leaders, the onus lies on us to grow the market by bringing world class entertainment to India.

 LEVERAGING DATA: It’s been 20 years in the making for BookMyShow and we know at what price point the market tends to enter at and why. We have used a lot of data and analytics and data science; both qualitative and quantitative, to pinpoint which markets and what price point will work or won’t. As for markets, Mumbai and Delhi are the natural choices. Hyderabad is another discerning market with an ability to pay and a well-travelled customer base. These are the three markets that we have decided to enter with Aladdin. As we evolve, we will take this production to other markets.

PRICE POINT: The tickets will start at Rs 750. We want to give audiences the opportunity to buy tickets at various levels. There will be weekend as well as weekday pricing. We want to start at that price point because we feel that we can cater to a certain audience in that bracket and then we will take it forward from there.

THE ECONOMICS: If it didn’t make business sense, we wouldn’t do it. This is a licensing model where Disney holds the IP and BookMyShow produces this event. We generate revenue though ticket sales. There is some amount of sponsorship and money that comes in through partnerships and associations such as a makeup partner and we also have a presenting partner on board. There will be more partners as we go along. You have to manage your cost within that.

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