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Atlast. Inspite. Ofcourse. Everyday when it should be every day. In stead when it should be instead. CD’s. DVD’s. Does’nt. Was’nt. Could’nt. Did’nt. Its a great day for walking on the beach. Disbeleif. Releiving. Shekhar,s shoes are ugly.

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It was during our stint in Fallon, Minneapolis in 2003. The agency was Ambience Publicis, Mumbai.

Of beautiful Prague & a boisterous Mumbai
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I do not understand nightlife. In fact, even if I did, my work would not allow me to experience it much. I work late most nights and only occasionally get a chance to see what is popularly defined as ‘nightlife’ in Mumbai.

What’s advertising without fun?
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In my 20 years of advertising experience, I have come across many hilarious situations related to my colleagues’ offbeat or unconventional characteristics, which has amused me to no end.

Who doesn’t want to be a billionaire?
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Nursing a drink and watching Kaun Banega Crorepati, Manoj, a good friend and colleague of mine, yelled at the TV, “Bloody stupid!”.

Marijuana effect
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In July 2009, a friend of mine called and said, “I’ve been thinking of running the marathon and I feel like going for it this year.

The Wonder Years
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Checking my various social media profiles has become a force of habit for me nowadays. Partly because of my profession and partly due to the innate curiosity that exists in all human beings about what others of their ilk are up to.

I’m still learning...
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When you think of a Programming Head for a radio station, do not imagine the role is restricted to living and creating content for shows and keeping the team afloat.

Of NYC and Mumbai
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The reason I decided to sit down today and write about Mumbai and New York City is a selfish one- I have been living in India for the last nine years, but still cannot fathom how ridiculously similar Mumbai is to New York. So here goes...

Women redefine prime time
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Much before launching the History channel, one of our first thoughts was to do a lot of local programming because of network capability and availability of talent.