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BY Tanya Swetta

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The world as we know it is not the same. Maybe the reason this is happening is because we as human beings had begun to lose the essence of what being a human truly is. Being in the field of marketing for over 18 years, i know this very well. We go to great lengths to sell our products and services, but is this really good for us? Is it good for our environment and the planet as a whole? The recent unprecedented events where humanity has been metaphorically punished and asked to sit in a corner, while the rest of the beings we inhabit the world with are allowed to enjoy nature’s bounty has been a shock to our systems, both mentally and physically. This time has also allowed us as a race to literally have the time to think and reflect. The stages I went through were disbelief - denial -false optimism - anger - denial - calmness - acceptance - boredom and passiveness - proactively working through a new schedule - acceptance and reflection currently i am at the stage of innovation.

Would the age old marketing strategies really work now? I am not so sure anymore. I believe that this new realisation is going to bring about a huge change in communication. The dialogue is going to get more real, truthful and impactful. Gone will be the fluff and jazz that are at times applied to give you a dreamy, fairy-tale feel. The customer is going to want to see value, value in the product of course but also in the way you as a brand communicate. There is going to be a growing emphasis on transparency, the need for the customer to know what your brand values are, how much are you giving back, what is the status of the mental health of your organisation, are you environmentally conscious, do you as a brand really care, and what are you doing to show that you care. 

Actions will speak louder than words and words will be the enabler of action!

id8 media solutions has always been a conscious thinking agency, and you can see this reflected through brands we work with such as Fashion For Good, Give India, Toy Bank, Dharana at Shillim and SPJ Sadhana School. We enjoy this work immensely, as it allows us to unleash our creative and executional skills and expertise in a completely positive direction, promoting a very positive message. 

The term marketing encapsulates multiple tools such as Design, Digital Marketing, Public Relations, On ground Marketing, Advertising and events - falling under the integrated marketing umbrella. In the new age, since social distancing is here to stay - i believe at least for a while - the tool of digital marketing is going to become paramount. However, digital marketing without both the EQ and IQ is going to fall flat. Brands are going to have to tell their story using digital and online platforms, creating an emotional connect through well worded content and design. Social media marketing may become your brands calling card, a way for the customer to connect with you. Your website may again gain the importance it lost recently - here is where you can tell your story, your values and your culture. Influencer marketing is here to stay - what may change is the quality over the quantity - and also the ability to find the right match of the influencer, with innovative, timely and honest content - this is when your brand will truly see remarkable results.

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