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InMobi has released its latest report on the state of Programmatic Video Advertising in the Asia Pacific for Q1 2020. Smartphone video viewing in the Asia Pacific has grown quite popular as the average time spent engaging with video on mobile devices is 84 min per day. Shopping (e-commerce + retail), News, CPG, Tech, Entertainment and Dating are the top spending categories in Southeast Asia. Shopping emerged as the largest spending category in Q1. Shopping, News, Dating, Finance and Entertainment have witnessed a 100% increase in programmatic spending over the last couple of quarters.

PROGRAMMATIC VIDEO STILL PICKING UP IN INDIA: According to the report, News is the biggest spender on programmatic video in the country in Q1 2020. Shopping category spends increased by 28%, while music and audio, health and fitness, and Education grew by 500%.

MOBILE VIDEO ADS DELIVER THE HIGHEST ENGAGEMENT IN INDIA: The report reveals, the Click Through Rate (CTR) on banner format has decreased by 22%. On the contrary, the CTR for horizontal and vertical video formats has increased by 156% and 490% respectively, while the video completion rate of vertical video format is 150% higher than horizontal format. However, the analysis further states that landscape videos are the preferred format for Indian advertisers. Horizontal format video still accounts for the majority of spends, i.e., 72%. Entertainment and Finance category of advertisers spend almost equally on horizontal and vertical videos.

Highlighting the possibility of vertical video emerging as the clear favourite, the report says, “Video, undoubtedly, is superior to other formats with 4.5 times higher engagement. While the spend on vertical videos is lower, the impact-driven is higher by 7.6 times the engagement when compared to banners and 2.3 times the engagement when compared to landscape videos. Engagement on vertical videos has increased 51% over the last year, as more and more advertisers invest in building truly mobile-first video assets thereby delivering a better video viewing experience. Vertical video has seen a 3.6 X higher growth in comparison to video overall in the last one year.”

The report explores the state of programmatic video advertising across India, Southeast Asia and Australia-New Zealand, based on data from April 2019 to March 2020.

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