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BY Anjana Naskar

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Q] Could you tell us about Bisleri’s campaign - #CarryYourGame? What was the objective behind it?
The objective behind the #CarryYourGame campaign was to tap into the health-conscious mindset of the youth, Millennials, and Gen Z. When asked how they stay healthy, exercising and drinking water emerged as the top two responses. The strong connection between water and human performance served as the foundation for this campaign. By taking the sport route, we aimed to bring these elements together, as sports represent peak human performance. With #CarryYourGame, we aimed to position Bisleri 500 as the ultimate hydration partner for individuals striving to become the best physical or mental version of themselves.

Q] Why did you choose the particular sports and athletes that are featured in this campaign?
We specifically chose to collaborate with Olympic sports and athletes due to the high level of physical fitness required in these sports, which aligns with the theme of hydration. Additionally, these athletes are often the unsung heroes of our country, and we wanted to give them a platform to showcase their dedication and sportsmanship. Each athlete has a remarkable story of overcoming obstacles and demonstrating immense energy, drive, and passion. Lovlina, for instance, recently won the world championship in boxing. We have carefully selected this group based on their achievements on and off the field, their character, and their impact, which makes them an ideal fit for our campaign.

Q] Bisleri has been a leading player in the Indian mineral water market for several decades. What is the brand’s strategy to maintain its market position amidst intense competition?
Our strategy comprises several key elements. First, we aim to capitalise on Bisleri’s strong brand love and synonymy in the packaged drinking water category by leveraging and reinforcing this connection. Second, strategic partnerships with the South Indian film industry have resulted in exciting limited-edition packs, generating enthusiasm among consumers and trade partners. Our television campaigns, like ‘Samajhdaar Bisleri Pete Hai,’ continue to resonate with our audience. Then we have the ‘Carry Your Game’ campaign that emphasizes on hydration, and was integrated into the Indian Premier League (IPL). Apart from this, we also have active collaborations with leading marathons, and an emphasis on sustainability through rainwater harvesting and recycling. Our digital commerce got a boost with the ‘Bisleri at Doorstep’ app, and expanded internationally with strategic tie-ups in the UAE. These efforts aim to maintain our market position, and drive the brand forward in a competitive industry.

Q] Bisleri has also collaborated with Ponniyin Selvan: II. Tell us about your alliance with the movie. What kind of response have you been receiving on the limited edition bottles?
The collaboration with Ponniyin Selvan: II has been fantastic. We have been present in the market with these limited edition bottles, specifically targeting the southern states. The response from the trade has been amazing because it creates a festive atmosphere when a highly anticipated movie like this is released. The point-of-sale materials (POSM) we deploy during this collaboration stay in the market for an extended period, attracting more footfall and increased consumer interaction with the retail outlets. As a result, we have observed a positive impact on sales volume, driving higher consumption of our bottles. Moreover, these limited editions help us in strengthening brand love and further connecting with our consumers.

Q] In today’s Digital age, what is the role of traditional media in Bisleri’s marketing mix?
In our marketing mix, we have adopted an innovative approach that focuses on product-first communication. We leverage the scale of our product offerings, such as the limited-edition bottles, which featured the three leading cricketers from each IPL team.

Q] What are the key growth drivers for Bisleri, and how does the brand plan to capitalise on them?
If you look at the current market, there are several favorable factors at play. Post-COVID, people have started to venture out more frequently. There is an increase in experiential events and sports activities, providing ample opportunities for engagement. Bisleri intends to maintain its presence in these areas. Hydration is of paramount importance to us because water is no longer solely associated with quenching thirst. Today, it is recognised as a vital element for maintaining good health. Thus, we will continue to emphasise on hydration and the consumption of adequate amounts of water each day. Furthermore, we value our exceptional trade partners, and maintain close collaborations with them. Our aim is to ensure that the entire value chain benefits from our initiatives, fostering mutual growth and success.

Q] Where do you see Bisleri in the next five years, and what steps are being taken to achieve the desired growth and expansion goals?
Our approach involves actively engaging with the youth, addressing their concerns, and focusing on topics like hydration and sustainability. We are committed to building brand love through various initiatives, including movie associations and sports partnerships. Moreover, our growth plan includes international expansion and continued collaborations with our trade partners to ensure the success and growth of the business.

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