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CK Birla Group firm Orient Electric has unveiled two new films as part of its ‘Switch to Smart’ campaign that was launched in April last year

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By Malay Desai


By: McCann Worldgroup

CK Birla Group firm Orient Electric has unveiled two new films as part of its ‘Switch to Smart’ campaign that was launched in April last year. It recalls its smart young girl ‘Chutki’ and her mother who are paired with cricketer Dhoni. In ‘toss’, the three are shown watching re-run of a game where he is being interviewed by a presenter. Chutki ad-libs this chat to make it a banter between the presenter taunting Dhoni about high electricity bills. In ‘Presentation,’ Chutkidoes it again, adding that Orient LED saves up to 85 per cent electricity. The copy at the end reads ‘the next generation is smarter’ before showing the brand’s LED range.


Do we Like?

When you have athlete number 23 on Forbes’ Most Valuable Athletes list, loyal to your brand from half a decade, it’s tough to do a mediocre job. Orient Electricals, while re-launching itself as a leaner, less-boring Orient Electric last summer, was there; at the beginning of an easy chase on a dry wicket. With MS Dhoni, in his second innings in two years,Orient has hoisted it for a six again.


Timed prior to the IPL last year, Orient’s re-launchshed its ‘PSPO-only’ tag and unveiled a portfolio of lighting and home gadgets. The key last year was to sell the ‘we have changed, we are the new generation’ message, and it worked well with Chutki, a know-it-all kid of the house. The nerd showed MSD how to use child-lock, showed remote-controlled fans and more. This time, she’s back, taller and with unmistakable spunk to take on India’s most popular cricketer.


The message is the same, ‘the new generation is smarter,’ and it cannot be more impactful than now. Brand MSD, in a lull period of its lifespan, having already relinquished test cricket, is playing alongside a new generation of boys versus South Africa in a two-month long series. Top timing, like his cross-bat whack over mid-wicket.


The ad-lib is a terrific idea, boosting the films’ re-watch value. Sanjay Manjrekar as host, pseudo props and graphics make it a delightful joke – and I suspect the MSD loyalist won’t be offended with his roast. At the final lap of his career, Dhoni doesn't mind keeping a straight face and being joked at. How many ads – and he’s done dozens –have we seen him not flashing his charming smile? With a witty script, one could forgo even that invaluable asset. What, in all this, is Chutki’s mother doing, I have little clue though.


Orient takes on Bajaj’s trust + legacy and Havell’sphenomenal brand recall this cricket season. It will be interesting to see how MSD fares in the commercial breaks, and on-field too.


(To watch this film and others, go to YouTube and search for the ‘OrientElectric’ channel)


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