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What bloggers think of brands


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Bloggers have established themselves as thought leaders and are being considered as influencers by brands. So, their engagement with bloggers is naturally on the rise. A survey conducted by 20:20 MSL and Blogathon India, a new network for Indian Bloggers; aims to capture the Indian blogger mindset vis a vis brands


Dell and Samsung (in this order) engage with bloggers the most
Facebook and Twitter are emerging as the top preferred social platforms to connect with bloggers
Google+ is the (non-Facebook, non-Twitter) social network, bloggers spend the most time on
Pinterest is fast emerging in popularity, as bloggers spend increasing amount of time on it
CSR campaigns are the most recollected digital campaigns
Flipkart is the top e-commerce site for all bloggers
A Samsung Tab and a Canon DSLR (apart from all Apple products) are among the most desired gadgets for bloggers (Of the people engaged for this survey, 63% were male and 37% female)

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