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A Legacy of Strength

BY Anjana Naskar

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Q] Could you please share with us the journey of brand Araldite, and how it has evolved and positioned itself in the market over the last two years under Pidilite Industries?
When we acquired Araldite in 2020, we recognised a lack of saliency among the general public and end consumers, despite decent recognition among the target audience. To address this, our goal was to reinvigorate the brand and establish top-of-mind awareness, particularly among the relevant target groups. We observed that while there was some awareness of Araldite, there was a lack of clarity regarding its benefits. Our approach began with revamping the brand architecture and packaging. We aimed to create a more contemporary and visually appealing look, while retaining key elements like the iconic series of dots on the blue Araldite pack. Additionally, we identified the importance of engaging with contractors, who play a vital role in our work. To bridge this gap, we formed a dedicated team to establish a structured connection with contractors, which resulted in stronger relationships and a positive impact on business.

Over the last two years, our efforts have been focused on revitalising the Araldite brand, enhancing saliency, and providing a more coherent and engaging experience for consumers. Our goal has been to bring Araldite to the forefront, ensuring that it remains a trusted and preferred choice for consumers in the adhesive market.

Q] Who are your competitors?
There are a few companies, but I would prefer not to mention them by name. Just like in any industry, there are competitors, but Araldite stands out. In the realm of Epoxy adhesives, there are two brands under Pidilite that perform well. One is Araldite, and the other is Fevitite. Fevitite is also an established brand within Pidilite, which was launched around 20 to 25 years ago.

Q] Araldite recently unveiled an eye-catching OOH campaign featuring a road roller on a billboard, what was the thought behind it?
Through conversations with consumers and contractors, some key insights emerged about Araldite. First, its 75-year-old legacy created a strong emotional connect, a trusted brand for generations. Contractors shared stories of its reliable quality, instilling confidence. Second, Araldite stood out for its expertise in tackling challenging tasks, being the go-to adhesive for heavy materials. Third, its versatility in bonding different substrates made it a preferred choice. Based on these insights, our aim was to create an attention-grabbing campaign that showcased Araldite’s unique attributes, increasing brand saliency and staying top-of-mind. Inspired by a successful previous campaign, we adapted it to an Indian context, resulting in the OOH campaign featuring a road roller on a billboard. This visually striking approach effectively communicated Araldite’s strength, versatility, and commitment to adhesive solutions.

Q] Why did you opt for OOH advertising?
Araldite experienced a lack of visibility for an extended period, so we strategically launched the TVC just before implementing the Out of Home (OOH) campaign. The objective was to leverage high-traffic areas in select cities to generate instant visibility and establish a strong connection between the OOH campaign and the TVC, thereby enhancing the overall saliency of the brand.

Q] Pidilite also launched Araldite’s first TVC, post-acquisition. Could you provide us with some insights into the creative concept and key messaging of the advertisement? How has the response been so far?
The TVC aimed to bring Araldite to consumers’ minds in a captivating and uniquely Pidilite manner, highlighting its key features through humour. The storyline highlighted the product’s strength through a five ton horse that has been bonded with Araldite. This visual effectively conveys the exceptional adhesive strength that Araldite offers. It emphasises on the brand’s longstanding legacy with the phrase ‘Babji Nahi Hila Paye Toh, Aapji Kya’. The TVC also showed Araldite’s versatility, showcasing its ability to bond anything regardless of size or weight. We got positive feedback, which goes to show that the TVC resonated well with the target audience, reinforcing Araldite’s strength, reliability, and versatility while generating increased awareness.

Q] The ‘Jode kuch bhi’ communication approach seems to be a key element in both your TVC and OOH campaigns. Could you elaborate on the reason behind this messaging and how it resonates with Indian consumers?
It resonates very well. There are two key reasons for its effectiveness. First, it successfully points out the versatility of Araldite products in an engaging manner. This resonates with consumers because it aligns with their need for reliable and versatile solutions. The message of ‘Jode Kuch Bhi’ positions Araldite as the go-to brand for any bonding requirements, whether it’s heavy-duty or light. Moving forward, we plan to explore additional avenues to extend this message. Whether it’s through Digital platforms or Outdoor advertising, we aim to leverage this concept to further strengthen Araldite’s brand presence and association.

Q] Looking ahead, what are the next steps for Araldite in terms of marketing and advertising? Can you share any upcoming plans or campaigns that we can expect from the brand?
We have recently launched this campaign, primarily targeting the Hindi-speaking belt. The tone, language, and overall flavour of the campaign were designed specifically for this audience, and it would lose its essence if translated into other languages. However, we are considering options to cater to the English-speaking regions and other areas, like the southern part of the country. We are currently evaluating Digital platforms and exploring possibilities for expansion. While this process may take a few months, our goal is to build on the success of the campaign and take it to the next level. The response to the TVC has been overwhelmingly positive, both from dealers and end-users. Witnessing such enthusiasm and appreciation motivates us to further enhance the campaign and continue its success.

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