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Expectations from Indian TV Fest, 2012


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The first-of-its kind event for the television industry, ITF 2012 is set to unite global, national and regional broadcasters on a single platform

Media Director, Vivaki Exchange

ITF should discuss originality in TV serial concepts like KBC, Big Boss & Indian Idol, etc., There is lack of original content, so there should be rich content in English and other vernacular languages. The ratings issue should be discussed, and how to get the industry to the next level. There should be some internal sponsorship so that we can promote our internal brand as well other brands. ITF should take up self-regulation in news channels.

Business Group Head, Mediacom

From the Indian TV Fest 2012, I would like to know: 1. With increasing fragmentation and many news channels being launched at national and local levels, how are top channels going to counter their drop in viewership? 2. With audiences moving towards online and mobile TV and consuming video content digitally, are the existing TV giants like Star, Zee, Sony, etc going to enter the digital space? If yes, how do they plan to monetize it?

Associate Vice President, DDB Mudra Group

I expect information on all aspects of the broadcasting business. I would look out for ways to enhance viewers’ experience, especially in non-metro markets with qualitative, flawless and affordable distribution network. Also, how broadcasters plan to realize significant revenues from viewers and hence become affordable for advertisers. I also want to know what the leaders foresee as far as digitization and DTH penetration are concerned in the next five years and latest global trends in terms of technology and programming.

AVP, Allied Media, Delhi

Nothing had been done so far to bring the Indian TV industry together at a forum where all patrons and professionals come under one roof to discuss the future of the industry, share thoughts and sketch a road map for the future. I’m hoping ITF becomes an annual affair. The timing is also brilliant. Goa is a great destination after Diwali. Registration is open to people under 25 too, which shows that IBF is serious about welcoming younger professionals to participate.

Senior VP-West Carat Media

IBF President Uday Shankar said at the launch press conference of Indian TV Fest, 2012: “We are a competitive industry, but the spirit of competitiveness is sometimes taken to an illogical extreme.” Hope ITF brings some logic to togetherness beyond commercial interest and collaboration. It will allow Indian broadcasters to share success stories with global industry leaders on home ground. Also, it would be good learning for us, going by the list of speakers. Hope fresh ideas emerge.

Media Director, Lintas Initiative

The small screen offers viewers a lot of choice both at national and regional levels. Broadcasters are really exploring and experimenting with content to capture audiences; even the big screen is now served to audiences at their home. The festival should provide the TV industry a platform to showcase their quality work to the international fraternity. An opportunity of direct interaction with the evolved market should help the industry to develop better ideas, thus offering viewers more relative and engaging content.

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