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Housing.com: Driving Innovation

BY Anjana Naskar

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Q] Walk us through the evolution of Housing.com’s brand identity, particularly highlighting the shift from traditional marketing approaches to digital-first strategies.
The real estate sector has surged post-COVID, with prices, launches, and sales hitting all-time highs. Our organization has capitalized on this growth, gaining market share and becoming the number one real estate platform by audience traffic, as per SimilarWeb. We’ve also focused on our app, leading in downloads, and boasting the highest-rated property app in India. Our strategy emphasizes awareness, with consistent investment in brand building over the past five years, resulting in leadership recognition in the PropTech space. This awareness has driven increased traffic and engagement across our platforms, alongside efforts to boost organic website traffic and app downloads.

Q] With ongoing digital transformation, how has Housing.com adapted its marketing strategies? Specifically, could you discuss the impact of shifting towards OTT platforms?
Over the last five years, we’ve witnessed a significant shift in consumer behaviour towards digital platforms, leading us to prioritise social media and YouTube for brand engagement. Our media plan has evolved accordingly, with a notable decrease in television spending and a shift towards digital-first strategies. While cricket remains popular, we now focus our advertising efforts on OTT platforms like Hotstar and Jio Cinema, alongside Connected TVs, to effectively target high-end users. Though we continue to allocate some budget to television advertising for brand visibility, a majority of our resources are now dedicated to digital channels to align with changing consumer preferences.

Q] Tell us a bit about your ‘Parr… Se Perfect’ campaign. What has been the consumer response? Also, please elaborate on the rationale behind the transition towards a landlord-focused approach.
‘Parr…Se Perfect’ had two versions – the first targeted consumers, addressing the common practice of compromising on home buying due to the lengthy process. The campaign emphasised no need to compromise on such a significant life decision and encouraged consumers to explore Housing.com’s vast property options. The approach significantly boosted awareness levels for the brand among consumers.

We extended the campaign to target sellers, recognising a growing trend of consumers preferring direct interaction with property owners, especially in rentals. Additionally, we offered services to owners looking to rent or sell their properties, expanding our business offerings. This initiative, dubbed ‘Parr…Se Perfect’ version 2.0 for owners, aims to attract more sellers to our platform and scale our existing services. We plan a version 3.0 in the next financial year.

Q] What measures are taken to ensure data privacy in your marketing initiatives?
We are currently deciphering its implications. The core principle of the bill, which we’ve been working on for years, prioritises transparency for consumers. It mandates obtaining consumer consent before sharing personal information and ensuring consumer control over their data. We’re focused on implementing these principles, aligning with evolving consumer expectations and legislative requirements.

Q] Talking about Housing.com’s recent expansion into the Odisha market, what are the challenges and opportunities for your marketing team? How do you plan to penetrate and capture market share in the region?
We’re expanding significantly into Tier II cities, where organised real estate thrives. Developers and agents are more formal, and consumers are increasingly willing to pay for services. This has led us to cities like Jaipur, Bhubaneswar, Lucknow, Varanasi, Visakhapatnam, Goa, and Cochin, where we’re experiencing strong revenue growth. Recognising consumer preferences in these cities, such as for WhatsApp and vernacular languages, we’re adapting our strategies to provide the best consumer experience possible. Tier II cities represent our next frontier for growth.

Q] With the increasing popularity of virtual and augmented reality technologies, how is Housing.com incorporating immersive experiences into its marketing efforts?
We use AR and VR projects extensively for our customers including developers and brokers. We have an in-house unit dedicated to creating studio products, which offer immersive views of projects under construction. Consumers experience the layout, design, and features of apartments using headsets. Additionally, we offer 360-degree views of apartments, which are available on our website. On the AI front, we use various applications to ensure listing quality, detect duplicates, and remove price outliers.

Q] Given the significance of location in real estate, how does Housing.com leverage geotargeting and location-based advertising to reach potential customers effectively? Can you share any strategies or initiatives that have yielded notable results?
In real estate, location and price influence decisions, followed by developer reputation and property configuration. When working with developers, like in the Mohali and Goa projects targeting Delhi residents, extensive geotargeting research is conducted. This helps pinpoint where ads should be targeted based on consumer trends and preferences. Thanks to technology, investors now feel comfortable investing in locations where they don’t reside, fostering trust and transparency in the market. Geotargeting plays a crucial role in leveraging this trend.

Snehil Gautam is the Chief Growth & Marketing Officer at Housing.com, PropTiger.com & Makaan.com. He is currently responsible for the planning, execution and monitoring of the overall marketing strategies of the organisation. Gautam has worked in various spheres of Marketing - Branding, Performance, and Content Marketing.

Housing.com was founded in 2012 and later acquired by REA India (formerly known as Elara Technologies Pvt Ltd.) in 2017. It is India’s premier full-stack prop-tech platform catering to homeowners, home seekers, landlords, developers, and real estate brokers. It provides comprehensive listings for properties, including new homes, resale homes, rentals, plots, commercial spaces, and co-living accommodations across India.

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