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BY Archana Khatri Das

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Mark Titus, Assistant Vice President- Marketing, Nippon Paint shares how geo-targeted marketing is working well for the brand, and how high-impact sporting and regional entertainment media is helping the brand grow in South India.

Q] You recently did a very interesting campaign with patrol vehicles. Do tell us more about it.
That is a very unique campaign and the first that we have launched in 2022. We call it the Walltron Patrol Vehicle. We’ve had so many unseasonal rains in the second half of the year. As per one-on-one consumer research, we found out that almost every house today is facing issues like seepage or leakage, dampness of wall, chipping off of paint, things like that. And keeping that in mind, we’ve launched this Walltron Patrol Vehicle. Consumers who have any waterproofing-related problems in Chennai, Coimbatore, and Bangalore. Upon calling the toll-free number (8880 261 261), can have direct access to Walltron’s trained technicians to address their waterproofing-related problems. Our Walltron Service team is available across TN and Karnataka and Walltron’s range of solutions (products) are available all across India. I think it’s the first time that such a concept has been executed in the industry. And that’s why it’s the first campaign that we launched in 2022.

Q] What about the marketing mix?
The number of cord cutters has increased manifold over the past two years and hence, it has become crucial for the marketers and organizations to be able to reach out to the consumers through digital mediums. The role of print decreased significantly during the pandemic. But now it is increasing slowly and thus, still important in the mix. So, when I say that we are investing more in digital, I don’t just mean playing ads on online portals, but investment across influencer outreach, and that could be both micro and macro in nature; improved SEO performance, OTT platforms, just to name a few. So, our spends on digital have increased from 4-5% to around 15% in the past 12 months.

Q] Can you please give us an idea about your target group?
Our target group is in the age group of 23-50. They are mostly men, who own houses. As far as the decorative paints are concerned, our TG is both men and women belonging to different age groups. As for the construction, chemicals, repair, maintenance, and the waterproofing part, it is predominantly men.

Q] What are the investments that you are looking at to become a more significant player in the domestic market?
We have a partnership with Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore. We partnered with them because they have a large following in our core territories. After cricket, the most-watched sport on television today is Kabaddi. So, we have an association with Tamil Thalaivas and Bengaluru Bulls. They have provided us with a good audience base in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. We are partnering with other platforms which are more regional, such as Bigg Boss Kannada and Bigg Boss Tamil. Certain media properties (such as Saregama) have also help us make our campaigns impactful. Thus, we are focusing on the regional platforms of these states to make our brand more noticeable.

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