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BY Mitaksh Jain

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Q] Given the esoteric nature of the technology wherein a lot of consumers don’t understand how to discern Dolby; how do you identify your call to action?
Our new campaign ‘Dolby Everywhere’ creates awareness about lifelike experiences in Dolby, by connecting with consumers though their passion points like TV, movies, sports, and music. With increased awareness on their content consumption needs, consumers seek immersive experiences like never before. The use of content marketing for example, has played an important role in building the relationship with the audience by creating compelling audio-visual experiences. It is the content that delivers our ‘Experience Story’. We showcase Dolby advancements in audio and imaging through content that entertains, educates, and captivates consumer, professional, and enterprise audiences worldwide. Content creator and evangelists tell our story. Our partners (creatives, services & OEMs) tell our story through their content, service that delivers the content & the playback devices.

Q] What are the challenges faced while educating people about Dolby?
Strong, relatable content, especially through video enables one to strike a chord with their consumers. Campaigns that ‘tell your story’ or ‘solve and not sell,’ are bound to leave a mark in the minds of the audience. I see these as opportunities more than as a challenge, to connect with our consumers. The campaign, ‘Dolby Everywhere’ for example, aims to educate consumers about the Dolby difference available in the living room, at work, in the cinemas or on the go.

Q] How was the campaign conceived?
Entertainment has now become an integral part of our lives. Today, the consumer wants to discover content and have a premium entertainment experience, as it enables them to strike deeper connection with TV shows, movies, sports and music they love. Consumers also recognize that high quality sound and visual experiences have a huge impact and make viewing more exciting. More than that, it enhances the entertainment experience and helps them connect better with content.

Q] What is the media mix for this campaign?
The media mix reflects the prevailing media consumption habits, with a lot of us still WFH or being sheltered. The campaign is being promoted with a digital-first approach for maximum impact. Through video-based content marketing, we aim to maximise our reach and engagement. We lead through our social media assets where we have a very engaged community, through our website, Dolby.com/India, and through a Dolby Brand store we built on Amazon & Flipkart, to drive education & awareness. Additionally, we have also reached out to several influencers to share their view and help us reach out to a vast audience. We have also created a filter on Instagram & Facebook, that will transport you right into the moment, in Dolby. The filter will give the Dolby fan, three passion points to relive— music in Dolby, movies in Dolby and sports in Dolby.

Q] Are people making extravagant purchases on entertainment as they continue to stay home or are holding on to their purse strings tightly because of Covid-19’s economic impact?
Our recent consumer study by Wakefield Research, reveals a significant shift in consumer entertainment behaviour in India. The new homebound work & leisure economy has led to a sky-rocketing demand for new and quality content and for better devices. Indian consumers are now prioritizing and seeking better experiences possibly driven by long hours spent at home. Indian consumers are spending more on quality in order to better connect with content—and to connect with each other.

Q] What kind of partnerships are you looking to leverage in the future?
As a brand, Dolby focusses on delivering breakthrough experiences to billions of people worldwide through a collaborative ecosystem spanning artists, businesses, and consumers. We wish to continue our work with content creators by providing them the tools that enable them to bring the end consumer closer to their stories and to their original intent. We will continue our work with delivery platforms like broadcast, devices and OTT services both for streaming video and music content across living room and mobiles. And last but not the least, with the playback ecosystem of devices across living room & mobile.

Q] What is your outlook for 2021?
The ability to provide immersive audio is quickly moving from being an option in many fields to a necessity and this is where Dolby Atmos will power spectacular experiences. I will not be surprised to see artists & fans share their inspiration as & when it strikes, using tools like Dolby On to connect with their fans or friends. I also expect to see people consume only high-quality sound and visual experiences.

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