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IMPACT Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

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Over the last twenty years, a lot has changed. Our playlists have moved from Walkmans to mobile phones, the idiot box has turned smart, connected to endless apps serving on-demand entertainment, while billboards have turned digital and doom-scrollers have replaced leisurely readers. But what remains constant is the advertising and marketing industry being at the forefront of these transformations with your weekly IMPACT closely following these trends, keeping readers up-to-date in this ever-evolving landscape. As we turn 20, we celebrate some of the most inspiring, interesting, and pathbreaking stories our editorial team has curated during the last two decades. Stories that have shaped the Indian A&M industry as we know it today, stories that matter. Every week, starting now, you will see a glimpse of our history in this section in IMPACT. We start with our first-ever cover, from where it all began!

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