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Westside: 25 Years Fit

BY Ashee Sharma

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Q] Tell us about ‘Wesness’ – the idea and the impetus behind it.
‘Wesness’ is a unique fitness endeavour aimed at redefining lifestyles around the principles of well-being. For this initiative, we collaborated with FitPage to create a fun and inclusive safe space for our customers to enjoy yoga, Zumba, walk, and jog. As our footprint grows across the country, we wanted to repurpose our stores to inspire wellness and build a safe community for our customers. This adds to our brand’s stylish credentials and endeavours, from not just having new fashion every week but having fun and nurturing a healthy lifestyle.

Q] In the last two years, many sportswear brands have nearly doubled their business owing to the growing demand for athleisure and activewear. Have you also witnessed similar trends at Westside?
‘Wesness’ was introduced upon realising that the trend of well-being and fashion inspired by athleisure is here to stay. The evolution of athleisure and activewear has transcended its origins in sports arenas and gyms. It has firmly established itself as a mainstream fashion staple. Initially embraced for its comfort and practicality during the COVID-19 pandemic, athleisure has seamlessly integrated into everyday wardrobes, shifting towards a versatile and dynamic lifestyle. It’s no longer just about functionality, athleisure embodies a contemporary way of living which effortlessly blends style and performance.

Q] What are the different occasions for which consumers are demanding activewear today?
Consumers are seeking activewear for a wide array of occasions today. From casual outings to travel adventures, people mix and match pieces to dress appropriately for the occasion. For instance, our StudioFit collections are aligned with emerging trends, and we continuously adapt to the evolving landscape of athleisure fashion, incorporating innovative designs and materials to meet the dynamic needs of our customers. These collections are made to cater to such diverse demands across men’s and women’s wear, ensuring that they are not just stylish but also functional.

We drive style and comfort with seasonally relevant fabrics and trending pieces. Our ranges are curated as an extension of fashion and can be elevated with styling. This offers consumers flexibility to express their style while easily layering our pieces with other casual wear in their wardrobe. The idea is to not focus on technically driven aspects but to allow the consumer to choose their style and make the fashion easy to layer.

Q] Would you attribute the growth of this segment solely to the pandemic or are there more reasons behind it?
While the pandemic certainly acted as a catalyst in the athleisure segment, its growth is underpinned by many more factors. Beyond the immediate impact of COVID-19, the demand for activewear has been steadily rising as urban consumers seek clothing that offers both functionality and versatility in their daily lives. Moreover, there has been a noticeable shift in priorities towards health and well-being post-pandemic, with individuals placing greater emphasis on staying fit and active.

Q] As a lifestyle brand, we’ve observed this trend first-hand through initiatives like ‘Wesness.’ We’ve opened 25 stores that open at 7.00 am. The way people are becoming conscious of their health is just so evident. How have your marketing strategies changed to keep pace with the growth and changing trends?
We market our collections through style and utility. Recognising the increasing prevalence of domestic and international travel, our range has become a favourite among customers seeking both form and function without compromising comfort. Today’s market values wellness and active lifestyles, whether a stroll or an intense workout. Therefore, our collections cater to individuals looking for accessible, well-priced solutions, effectively bridging the gap between style, quality, and affordability.

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