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3 Lessons I Have Learnt From Yoga

BY Mansi Zaveri

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The one thing I always invested in is health and fitness. Almost 2 decades ago I bought an annual gym membership for Rs. 15,000, which was a big investment back then. The journey from functional training to Yoga came with a ‘why.’ I always believe that when you want to build long-term habits, you need to start with a ‘why,’ and my ‘why’ was my pregnancy. I felt the need to give my best to my baby before she had even entered this world.

All the mothers I met had vouched for painless labour, natural birth, and quick recovery. I knew I needed it as well. I would head to Yoga class in between work, and compensate for that time by coming in to work at 8 in the morning, instead of the usual 9.30. The results I saw, made it all worth it. Natural birth, 30 mins of labour, no anaesthesia, and back on my feet the very next day. It was that one hour in the day when I felt the problems of the world disappear and found a strong connection within me with the life I was birthing. Over the last 15 years, Yoga became integral to me, and people now recognise me as the upside down mom, or as a #yogamom or #momwithmuscles.

Yoga is not something you indulge in for medical benefits only. My top 3 learnings from it are –

Lesson 1 – In sync and not overwhelmed
With information coming to you from all directions, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I see people taking calls and trying to multitask at the gym. Yoga is that one-body movement where your mind, breathing, and body need to be in sync. I call Yoga meditation in motion.

Lesson 2 – Never shy away from being a student
As a parent and a business owner, there are times I need to put on the cap of an expert who knows what she is doing. But very early in my work life and as a parent, I understood that it didn’t help. Being vulnerable, admitting your flaws, and accepting what you don’t know is the key to raising a business and babies. With Yoga, I have always been a student, and in the process have learnt a lot about myself, and about those around me. I used to get anxious when my kids would not get something right, especially in front of others. Finally, when I was in class one day and didn’t get a few poses right, or was scared of falling, and my mind was weaker than my body, I realised that it is the same with people around me. It’s so important for parents to be students in order to be better parents.

Lesson 3 – Understanding myself better and being more present
The biggest lesson that I have learnt as an entrepreneur from yoga is to observe and be self-aware, so I can see where I am going wrong. Unless you realise your mistakes, you will never be able to correct it. It’s all about embracing, accepting, and opening your mind to it, your heart has always known it all along. While I’m practising the tripod pose each day, I know my arms are going out, I’m not light enough to hold the pose longer, but accepting it has already taken me a step closer to the goal. This perspective has helped me when I am with my kids, at work, or with friends and family. You will learn to be mindful in everything that you do.

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