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Keep That Bucket Full

BY Atin Wahal

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Ever since I can remember, I was fascinated with everything around me. This curiosity has kept me going and is still running strong. As a kid, I wanted to do a lot, but didn’t know the concept of a bucket list. But when I did, much later in life, it kept enriching my life experiences.
In my opinion, your bucket list needs to be ever evolving. A bucket that refills itself every season. Start with three and keep adding three more. Keeping it time bound is even better. But these are things that you wish to do, probably don’t ‘need’ to do, hence, taking it easy makes it fun. Learning new things makes you challenge yourself and helps find a newer you every day!

Singing: It has helped me appreciate the finer things that can make a difference. Even if you don’t get the ‘note’ right every time, the urge to learn keeps you in tune with your inner self.

Learning Ukulele: This simple and small instrument, if learnt, can act as a music base for most songs. The play of strings tells us that if we get a few things right in life, we can sail through with ease.

Solo Travelling: Backpackers have always fascinated me, and I didn’t understand the joy of it till I did it myself. It made me realise that connection with people can happen beyond language and region, and it’s the most beautiful thing.

Scuba Diving: We live on land but the world under the sea is where life is. Scuba Diving gives you a sense of where you came from, and how you are just one of the creatures thriving in this mortal world.

Swimming: A self-taught swimmer, it came very late to me. Swimming has taught me that it’s not enough to have one thing going for you. It’s the coordinated effort that gives you results or keeps you afloat.

Tennis: The power of sport truly helped me realise my physical potential. Thinking on my feet and responding to my opponents is something that tennis has helped me with.

Paragliding: There is nothing as exciting as being up there in the skies, taking a bird’s eye view. The experience is dream-like, and yet real. So, dreaming and being able to fulfil it, that’s what I drew out of this experience.

Sky Diving: This one was tough, and absolute courage and guts are what one needs for it. No matter how big your fears are, how impossible it seems to land, you will eventually land somewhere with an impossible dream. And yeah, you’d survive it!

Running: A run fills you with happy hormones, it tells you that every step contributes towards a target. Keep going until the goal is met.

Golf: A small course during a vacation in Goa changed my life. I realised I was good at the sport. What you need to be a good golfer is have great focus just before the shot is played, a perfect stance and control over your target.

Squash: The harder you hit it, the harder it should come back, and each time it does, you should be able to take on the shot with the same intensity. You are after all up against a wall, and by the end of the game you realise that it is possible to win against a wall.

Acting: Facing the camera is easily one of the most difficult things for people to do. Even in the age of selfies and phone cams, when it comes to playing someone else, it’s the toughest task. But then, don’t we play different roles through our lives? With the sharp eyes of a camera watching, what you end up learning is precision and performance.

What’s next for me –
Bartending sessions
Theatre & dramatics
Mountain trek
India - London road trip
Cooking classes
Dance classes
Interior Designing course
AI course

As I fulfil these and add more to my list, I would be ready for the part two of this article and hopefully by then have a whole bucket to empty and refill again.

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