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BY Rohit Kumar

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At the risk of sounding clichéd, I find my passion outside of work in nature. While I love the forests, mountains, deserts and have done my fair share of exploring different locations, my heart is where water is. An avid lover of adventure sports, I found my ultimate calling in scuba diving. 2017 was when I did my first dive, and I was sold!
If I had to use one word to describe what I feel every time I dive, I would say it is ‘infinite’. Since then, I’ve gone on to do more than 50 dives all over the world. From Mauritius, Maldives and Borneo to Andaman, Lakshadweep, Pondicherry and Goa. Here are probably the biggest highlights for me from all my diving escapades:

It can be scary
Once I went night diving near Indonesia with my friends, sans an instructor. The stupidest decision I ever made. We were diving near an abandoned offshore oil rig when we got lost and our tanks came close to empty. We were quite a distance from the shore and had to swim on the surface, to get back to shore. Though scary, we couldn’t get over the bioluminescence in the dark water. On another dive, we were swimming next to sharks, barracudas, sting rays and underwater caves and though it was exciting, it was also quite eerie.
It is eco-conscious
The amazing thing about being in the wilderness is that you start caring for the nature you are in. As divers, when we go down, we pick out plastic waste, we use sunscreen substitutes that don’t pollute the water and even the resorts are built eco-consciously.
It is all science
There is a fair amount of aerodynamics, buoyancy, physics, biology and math involved. From paying attention to what we eat and drink the night before diving to what mixture of air you carry in your tanks. Diving is a science!
The best part, however, as with everything else is the chance to meet new people. If you are a scuba lover like me or if this excites you, let’s meet in the water.

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