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Q] What are the insights behind your latest campaign - Whistle Through Every Turn?

Today two-wheelers are not only used for commuting, but also for adventure and leisure activities. We have done extensive research on millennial riders to understand their preferences, and based on such studies we designed our last year’s campaign, ‘Tame the Turns.’ All riders experience some uncertainty and vulnerability, especially when they take a turn, and that’s when they need an efficient pair of tyres. TVS Eurogrip has a wide range of tyres to take on any turn with confidence. This year, the task at hand was to take the brand narrative forward, leveraging the association with Chennai Super Kings (CSK). We married our proposition of ‘taking turns with confidence,’ with CSK’s property ‘Whistle Podu,’ and coined the new campaign ‘Whistle Through Every Turn.’ The campaign includes a set of three new advertising films that are woven with suspense, and light-hearted humour to connect with millennials.

Q] How was your performance during the pandemic? How did you remain resilient during that time?  

As a business, we progressed well during the pandemic, despite the challenges. We adapted very quickly to the new way of working, and used that time to decide how we could do things differently. One important step we undertook, was digitalization and automation. We launched Eurogrip Bandhan Click to Order, the contactless order booking and sales feature, right at the beginning of the first lockdown. It was heartening to see a fair amount of orders coming in through that channel. We also appointed over 100 distribution partners at the peak of the pandemic. In the last 2 years, we launched around 15 new products and their market acceptance has been excellent.

Q] Last year, you announced that TVS Eurogrip will be the principal sponsor of CSK for three years. Why did you choose CSK, and not any other IPL team?

TVS Eurogrip is all about high performance tyre technology, allowing the rider to feel confident on roads. Chennai Super Kings similarly have been consistently delivering high performance. We see great synergies between both the brands, and are confident that this partnership will benefit both CSK and TVS Eurogrip.

Q] What kind of brand boost have you received from CSK so far?

It has been a very cordial and collaborative exercise with CSK. There is a good set of deliverables we get to enjoy with this association, and that helps us engage with trade, mechanics, media and many other touch-points in our category. CSK as a team is very active on social media, and that has been a great advantage for us. Apart from this, there are the usual experiences like merchandise, player meets etc.

Q] As a brand you manufacture and export two and three-wheeler tyres and off-highway tyres. Is there any possibility of getting into the realm of four-wheelers and heavy vehicles in near future?

There are no plans to get into four-wheelers and heavy vehicles. We believe that two-wheeler riders have different needs and catering to those needs is priority for us. Our experience of over 3 decades in manufacturing tyres for two-wheelers has enabled us to be specialists in this category, and we try to constantly be on top of the curve with design, technology, and product lines. That is our core strategy. We have also announced capital investments in the OHT (Off-Highway Tyres) space last year and we are trying to be a competitive global player in this segment too.

Q] How are you trying to cash in on the upcoming market of electric vehicles (EV)?

The major demand in EV segment is from OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Today, we are the largest tyre suppliers to EV OEMs. These products use low rolling resistance technology, as desired by the market. Going forward, we do see a shift in EV segment wherein higher performance (high speed EVs) will be produced, and which will require specific tyres with low rate of wear and tear, and low rolling resistance.

Q] What does your marketing mix look like?  

We largely run campaigns on TV and Digital. We engage with our target audience through Digital mediums, and Digital and Social Media marketing are the key thrust areas to help consumers with the information they seek. As a brand, we are trying innovative things on social media, such as Eurogrip Rap Challenge, Augmented Reality filters, etc. However, for mass reach, Television remains the lead medium. For our category, it is critical to activate marketing campaigns with an integrated 360 degree approach and hence, BTL consumer and trade activations become important.


P. Madhavan, is currently working as Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, TVS Srichakra Limited. His areas of expertise are Leading large teams, Operational and Strategic planning, Budgeting & Forecasting, Cost Reduction, Project Management & Turnaround situations.


TVS Srichakra Limited, makers of TVS Eurogrip brand of tyres is one of India’s leading manufacturers and exporters of two, three-Wheeler tyres, and off-highway tyres. With global research, development capabilities, and cutting-edge technology, TVS Srichakra produces industry leading tyres for the automotive sector in India and worldwide.


Creative Agency: Tilt Brand Solutions, Mumbai
Media agency: Havas Media, Mumbai
Digital agency: Havas Digital, Mumbai
PR Agency: Perfect Relations, Chennai

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