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Hyperlocal is the Way to Go Today

BY Aryan Khanna

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Q] Could you please tell us about your marketing mix and name the mediums that you have utilised for the campaign around the British Rose range?
Nowadays, people are always on their phones, so, social media remains our main marketing channel. When I say social media, I mean Facebook, Instagram, and more importantly, YouTube. We are also quite active on platforms such as LinkedIn and now considering OTT platforms. As you must be aware, we are an omnichannel brand, with a strong presence across retail stores. Along with pushing our initiatives on our website and some 200 stores, we have also partnered with third-party players to expand the visibility of our campaign. On top of it, we will also be using OOH

Q] What was the basic idea behind your latest campaign and how did you take it forward?
The main idea behind our campaign was to re-focus, re-invent, and re-establish our signature British Rose collection, which is not only a customer favourite, but also a perfect gifting item. We strategically flagged off this campaign in February, around Valentine’s Day, and ended it around Mother’s Day. Our primary aim was to make sure that people resonated with our campaign.

Q] Your latest campaign features Diana Penty, which is quite refreshing, as she is not a very common face in ads. Could you talk about this collaboration?
Despite her great roles and versatility, she has not featured in many beauty brands commercials, and we are quite fortunate that way. We are happy to collaborate with Diana for this campaign as she embodies the spirit of our multifaceted collection. In addition to this, she is also adding to the credibility of our British Rose range. We want our collaborators to be aligned with our brand values and ethors. We focus on self-love and ethical beauty; we want the collaborators to carry these values. The feedback that we have been getting is great, therefore, you will be seeing more of her in our commercials.

Q] Until a few years back, there were not many brands like Body Shop that had ethical and high-quality products, and that too in great packaging. But today, there are many such brands in the market. What is The Body Shop’s differentiator today?
As a brand, we are happy that Body Shop values being organic and vegan. For some 50 years, we have been using organic and natural ingredients. While several brands have attempted to capture the market with a similar ethos, we stand out in our incredible sustainability stories and ground-breaking sourcing supply chain. We source the best ingredients from across locations, such as Mexico, the UK, Africa, and India. Body Shop has been certified by the Vegan Society and our customers trust us because we stand for sustainability, quality and certifications. Even when it comes to campaigns, we have tried to support many communities and movements with our initiatives.

Q] I read a report saying The Body Shop is expected to open around 250 new stores with a lot of focus on non-metro locations. Will you be altering your pricing and communication for a new target audience?
The Body Shop wants to maximise its reach. We are targeting non-Metros as we already have a strong physical presence in Metros. In non-Metros, there is a spike in demand for Body Shop products, especially after COVID-19, as many people have moved back to their hometowns. Because of such customers’ requests and encouragement, we plan on expanding beyond Tier I. Our numbers are ambitious and we hope to get there soon. Internationally, there are factors like inflation, which are increasing the cost of the product. What is important for us right now is to implement the right strategy for pricing, and to become more approachable. As far as communication is concerned, hyperlocal is the way to go today. We are already on Blinkit, and soon you will find us in Big Bazaar.

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