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BY Anjana Naskar

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Q] What was the thought behind roping in Rahul Dravid for your first celebrity-led campaign? How do you plan to leverage this association?
Rahul Dravid is an icon known for being reliable and performance-driven, embodying both in a way that no one else can. He is a direct representation of the brand Piramal Realty. A standout figure in the Indian sports arena, he is not only admired by the Indian populace due to his success in cricket but also for his personality off the field. The former Indian captain is known for his dependability and calm demeanour on and off the field. This campaign has been transformed from a simple celebrity endorsement to brand advocacy amalgamating Rahul Dravid and Piramal Realty. It positions Dravid as an experienced ambassador to the brand and speaks directly to the consumers with signature messages.

Q] What was the prime objective behind Piramal Realty’s latest campaign? What kind of consumer response have you seen?
Inspired by a simple thought, the #AtHomeWithDravid campaign brings home the idea that ultimately, no matter how successful we become, we will still return to our loved ones, to our home, for it is the one place where we can be ourselves. With this campaign, we hope to convey the idea that home is much more than a place and that even famous personalities like Rahul Dravid feel most comfortable in their own homes. At Piramal Realty, we strongly believe in serving families and helping them create a home of their dreams. We believe that a home is much more than a physical location. We sell more than bricks and mortar – we sell something that matters. In other words, we create homes just as unique as the people who will live in them. We strive to create a home where you want to be, and craft moments you want to treasure. From the beginning, we have believed in bringing meaning and soul to every project – so that our customers can create their own legacy. This is why we look beyond today’s necessities. The homes we build are crafted for what matters the most tomorrow. Hopes, dreams, goals, and the thousand moments that define who we are and what we love.

Q] What marketing mix and budget have you devoted to the campaign?
It is imperative for us to be present across multiple channels, whether digital or traditional. The marketing plan compromises of a 360-degree approach that combines Print, Online, OOH, PR and Social Media to reach consumers. We integrate our social media strategy closely with our brand ethos and customer service experience at Piramal Realty. As a result, we created content relevant to our target audience and later built communities of customers through experiences. The budget of the campaign has been equally divided across all four platforms.

Founded in 2012, Piramal Realty, the real estate development arm of Piramal Group is an Indian developer with 17 million sq. feet of residential and commercial space under development in and around Mumbai. The brand’s commitment to quality has garnered the favour of private equity firms Warburg Pincus and Goldman Sachs, who invested approx. USD 235 million in the company, at the entity-level.

Digital Media Agency: iProspect
Print Media Agency: Vibrant
Creative & Digital Agency: Ruya
Social Media Agency: Grapes Digital
PR Agency: AvianWE

As the Vice President – Marketing at Piramal Realty, Kyron Dinshaw is responsible for accelerating business growth and directing the overall brand and portfolio level communication for the realty company’s luxury residential portfolio and corporate parks. Dinshaw holds over 14 years of experience working across various sectors and has worked with companies like JP Morgan Chase New York, Morgan Stanley and Commerzbank.

Q] The pandemic had definitely impacted the real estate for quite a while. To what extent are you seeing recovery now?
The Indian real estate market has recovered strongly despite being disrupted by the current pandemic. We saw a significant increase in sales during the third and fourth quarters of 2020, which continued through June 2021. We expect residential real estate sales to improve further during the festive season with ready-to-move-in homes creating opportunities for potential homebuyers to make long-term investments. Lower interest rates along with special offers on GST and stamp duty by developers also help benefit the end consumer. Consumers today are seeking bespoke offerings to make the right investment decisions due to a new sense of buying preferences in the real estate sector.

Q] What are some of the marketing strategies you’re employing in this scenario to drive growth for your brand?
Consumers today are more open and comfortable with digital channels. Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, we have focused our communications efforts on building and strengthening a two-way relationship with our consumers. Digital channels play a key role in our marketing strategy at Piramal Realty, and this campaign will be no different. We plan to be present across all leading publishers, ensuring maximum reach and visibility, driving home the value of owning a home amongst our target group. Furthermore, to capitalise on the upcoming T20 world cup, we are using our ad inventory across leading news and cricket-based websites as part of our media mix. In addition, we are promoting high visibility campaigns across OTT platforms and YouTube through connected TV ads to ensure we reach out to our set of customers.

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