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BY Beryl Menezes

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Staying true to our new brand promise of #Holiday Differently, we have created our new brand film with larger-thanlife imagery driven by curated holiday experiences. One unique feature of this film is that it does not focus on resort features, but rather on experiences. I am sure that this campaign will drive consumer awareness and enhance brand perception, leading to improved business indices.

Chief Marketing Officer, Sterling Holiday Resorts
How do you break the conventions of luxury car advertising without really breaking them? Add an unconventional twist. The Passat is the perfect example of effortless luxury. We stayed true to the brand’s style of communication by telling a simple and human story with a playful wink at the end.

Executive Creative Director, DDB Mudra Group

With live video streaming fast gaining popularity, especially amongst the youth, we are positioning it as a powerful tool to nudge positive changes in behaviour. With Idea 4G - India ka Live Network, we are encouraging people to use the power of our network and its live video streaming capabilities in HD to drive change, by creating positive outcomes from every negative situation.

Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone Idea Limited
The brief we received actually spoke about what upGrad can do to lives, rather than just what upGrad is, and how continuous learning can ensure one keeps getting ahead in his or her career. Inspiring stories of how lakhs have already done this successfully spurred our creativity, keeping the message and tone of the communication sprightly and evolving. Hence the idea of “life ko karo lift!”

Chief Creative Officer, Lowe Lintas

Through this campaign we are trying to create awareness on how upGrad can help learners prepare for the future of work and help them thrive in their career. Online education for professionals is still at a nascent stage in India and to create awareness at a category level, we felt the necessity of a commercial that will change the consumer mindset while being relatable.

Co-founder, upGrad

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