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Love for the Ages

BY Ashee Sharma

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Q] Please explain the timing for the re-launch of Uncle Chipps’ iconic jingle? Was the move prompted by any market opportunity that you have identified?
The decision to launch the new Uncle Chipps jingle at this opportune time was driven by the immense love and nostalgia associated with this iconic brand. We recognised the untapped potential waiting to be discovered, as the brand has left a mark in public memory, with its jingle resonating across generations. By recreating the iconic jingle - “Bole mere lips, I love Uncle Chipps” - our aim was to harness the deep connection and joy that it brings. The launch of the new jingle served as both a celebration of the brand’s enduring legacy and a testament to its ability to transcend generational boundaries, appealing to both loyal fans and a new wave of enthusiasts.

Q] What was the idea behind collaborating with Yashraj Mukhate for this re-launch? What are the other elements of the campaign?
The collaboration with Yashraj Mukhate for the re-launch of Uncle Chipps’ jingle stemmed from our desire to recreate the nostalgic magic that made the original version so popular. We sought someone with a talent for creating music that instantly connects with the audience, and Yashraj Mukhate was the perfect choice. Known for his viral parody videos and musical expertise, his ability to infuse a contemporary twist while preserving the essence of the original jingle added a fresh and exciting dimension to the campaign.

To offer an immersive and unforgettable experience, we seamlessly incorporated an IG filter with the jingle. When the Uncle Chipps pack is scanned with this filter, a magical transformation happens—the jingle is unlocked, giving each pack a voice to sing along. In addition to this, the campaign was supported by a radio activation and an influencer engagement campaign, thoughtfully integrated into our overall marketing strategy.

Q] While nostalgia has its own efficacy, it may have little relevance for the younger generations, particularly the GenZ. How have you contemporarised the jingle and the overall campaign for them?
While we have breathed new life into the jingle, the tagline has always been there. Its presence on the back of the pack, along with the public display of love for the brand by consumers and celebrities continued to reinforce its recall value across generations. Therefore, raising awareness was not a challenge for us. However, we acknowledge that nostalgia may have limited relevance for younger generations, particularly Gen Z.

In our efforts to contemporise the jingle and overall campaign, we have strategically partnered with Yashraj Mukhate, who has a strong appeal among our target audience. Alongside this, we have mobilised influencers and friends of the brand to showcase their creativity and add their own unique spin to the jingle through Instagram reels. This approach allows us to tap into their reach and influence that resonates not only with those familiar with the iconic jingle but also captivates the interest and attention of the younger demographic, ensuring the longevity and continued success of the brand.

Q]Why did you limit yourself to Digital? Even if the objective was to connect with a younger audience, do you think Digital alone can accomplish it?
In today’s Digital age, internet consumption has reached unprecedented levels, particularly among Indians. It comes as no surprise that people are spending a significant amount of their time engrossed in dynamic, authentic, and multi-cultural content on their smartphones. Recognising this trend, we understood the importance of positioning our efforts where our target audience resides.

However, our objective is not limited solely to connecting with the youth; rather, it encompasses reaching out to anyone and everyone who loves Uncle Chipps. To achieve this, our marketing mix is predominantly driven by Digital media, and is complemented by radio initiatives and collaborations with influencers. This amalgamation of diverse channels ensures that our message resonates with a broader audience, encompassing both the younger generation and individuals from various age groups.

Q] The market has evolved dramatically since the 90s when there were not many options for consumers. Can you tell us how Uncle Chipps is navigating through the changing dynamics at present?
Introduced in the 1990s, Uncle Chipps emerged as a trailblazer, capturing the hearts of consumers with its irresistible taste, distinct crinkled potato chips and unforgettable jingle. Despite the evolving market and growing competition, we remained dedicated to delivering the same irresistible taste and joyful snacking experiences that made Uncle Chipps a beloved brand for generations. Our approach has centered on maintaining the timeless appeal of Uncle Chipps and staying true to our brand’s heritage and the nostalgic connection that it holds for consumers.

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