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BY Imran Fazal

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Q] What was the idea behind Neutrogena’s new campaign, ‘Uncomplicate Skincare’?
Neutrogena has always championed healthy skin for all women, be it through its products or even its campaigns. We understand that for women today, healthy skin is beautiful skin, and they spend hours researching and experimenting with new ideas to achieve their skincare goals. However, the challenge for them continues to be twofold - to figure out products that work for them, and also to identify information sources that are trustworthy. Through our campaign ‘Uncomplicate Skincare’, we are attempting to cut through the clutter of information and provide women with the expertise they seek by bridging the knowledge gap, simplifying skincare, and offering solutions rooted in science. We constantly strive to deliver products that are scientifically crafted in labs, perfected by experts, and are proven to be effective on your skin, thus commanding the trust of consumers, and this campaign reinforces our commitment.

Q] What was the marketing mix of the campaign and how much ad spend was dedicated to each medium?
As a consumer-centric brand, we constantly seek avenues to meet our consumers across touch points. With the rise of e-commerce, digital communication plays an increasingly crucial role in how we engage with consumers. Our ad spends reflect this strategy. Furthermore, we are leveraging influencer programmes, beauty communities, and social media platforms that continue to be an important part of our marketing playbook. We have a vast online and offline presence that help us to connect with our consumers and stay relevant.

Q] What was the response to the ‘Uncomplicate Skincare’ campaign and who is your TG for this particular campaign?
Our campaign is for the women of today who are extremely purpose-driven with bold ambitions. They constantly improve themselves and take measured steps toward their goals, even in skincare. Their skin is an expression of their individuality, and a source of their confidence, thus they believe in investing in their skin health. For them, healthy skin is beautiful skin - a philosophy that is at the heart of Neutrogena. Just like our consumers, as a brand, we are not afraid to experiment. We continue to question the status quo, innovate, and rethink all that is possible in skincare. Our products are scientifically crafted in labs, perfected by experts, and proven to be effective on your skin, thus commanding the trust of consumers.

Q] Today, there is a vast consumer base leaning toward organic skincare and cosmetic products, how much growth has Neutrogena registered in natural and organic products as compared to other ranges of products?
We understand that we have a responsibility to the consumers we serve. For us, safety is of utmost importance, and we have set a high standard for using ingredients. Our ingredients are screened for quality, manufacturing process, government regulations, published research, and our own ingredient safety databases. We also seek the advice of healthcare providers, safety professionals, and third-party experts on a regular basis to help ensure the safety of our products.
With so much information available, modern consumers are both knowledgeable and conscious of their choices – and when it comes to skincare products, they know that Neutrogena is a brand on which they can rely for quality and assurance.

What we put in our products is just as important as what we leave out. Throughout the lifecycle of our products, we prioritize ingredients that are not only safe for one’s skin but also safe for the planet. We are committed to ingredient transparency so consumers can make informed decisions for their skin health.

Q] Over the years, Indian brands have made inroads in the market. Whom does Neutrogena consider its competition and how does a skincare brand such as yours manage to keep an upper hand in the market?
We are on a mission to advance skin health for all our consumers in India, and are naturally poised for positive future growth and an ever-increasing number of satisfied customers. We continue to create products that push the possibilities of skincare, and we at Neutrogena are proud of the fact that this has driven us to create many firsts in the world of skin health. We made the powerful acne cleanser that was efficacious and yet didn’t smell like medicine, and we were also the ones to stabilize retinol, the most effective ingredient to counter wrinkles. We had successfully stabilized UVA/UVB protection with Helioplex for a superior broad-spectrum sunscreen. In addition, we launched moisturisers that deliver superior hydration with a weightless feel. By making products that do what they say, uncomplicate skincare, and deliver real results, we have earned the trust of millions of consumers around the world.

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