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BY Ritika Raj

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Bacto-V, a hand hygiene range by CavinKare recently took to the internet to raise awareness around World Hand Hygiene Day celebrated on May 5 with brand ambassador, Ramya Krishnan. Raja Varatharaju, GM Marketing – Personal Care, CavinKare shares the objective behind the campaign, foraying into the hygiene segment and market trends

Q] Tell us about the campaign on Hand Hygiene Day and the insight behind it. What were some of the key objectives of this campaign?
With the second wave becoming intensive, we at CavinKare felt the need to spread awareness on the basics of washing hands and to emphasise the use of hand sanitisers. Currently, with the hard-hitting wave, it’s important that we remind consumers of the habit of hand-washing, a simple habit that could save lives. With Bacto-V hand wash, we did exactly that. With this campaign, we hoped to reach as many consumers as possible and we achieved exactly the same.

Q] Tell us about the association with Ramya Krishnan and how you plan to leverage it?
The campaign with actor Ramya Krishnan aims to gradually bring back a sense of security among consumers about inevitable physical touches. Ms Krishnan is a very well-respected and celebrated actor and she extends her credibility to the brand. Her presence has brought a lot of limelight to the brand, which in turn helped us promote the brand successfully to reach larger audiences.

Q] What has the growth of Bacto-V been like over the last year? Tell us about the consumer response as well.
Last year, Bacto-V introduced a lot of innovative products like gadget disinfectant, toilet seat disinfectant, sanitisers and hand wash in the hygiene and disinfectant segment. In fact, we at CavinKare Private Limited were one of the first movers in the hygiene territory. Bacto-V helped us to build a significant turnover because of its relevancy and also due to consumer adoption. However, it is topical at the moment and hence lacks sustainability. Going ahead, we will keep an eye on the consumer demand and will promote and supply as and when there is a consumer need.

Q] For a market that has observed exponential growth, how big is it at the moment? What are some major trends you have observed in this market?
Some players in the categories like that of sanitisers appeared overnight and they also vanished overnight. At the moment, the size of the market can only be a wild estimation. Some categories like hand wash have expanded exponentially, and they are also very likely to build on the traction gained. The players who can differentiate in these sustainable categories will gain the maximum.

Q] The segment has been crowded by too many players. As an established player, what will your strategy be as you move ahead?
Yes definitely, at some point there were a number of new entrants who entered the segment and did a one-time business. These players are unlikely to continue business in the segment. The reason is very simple, consumer adoption happens only for brands that have garnered credibility in the eyes of the public. On the other hand, we are here to stay for a long time and build this category with time, and we will do it through a mix of channel and portfolio strategy.

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