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In light of the current pandemic, the Times of India (TOI) has launched the #WantMyPaper campaign to remind readers that newspapers are an authentic source of information and that they should support journalism. Due to their strong editorial policies and fact-checking mechanisms, newspapers help quell misinformation, thereby generating trust and accountability with their readership. Keeping this in mind, TOI’s latest campaign reminds readers to reclaim their right to legitimate information. It also points out that good journalism is central to the country’s democratic decorum. Additionally, it states that a newspaper’s non-intrusive nature leaves no room for unwanted data-mining, provides greater context, and drives a seamless experience by obliterating pop-ups and banners.

Speaking about the campaign, Sanjeev Bhargava, Director - Times of India said, “Newspapers are the guardians of democracy - they keep the public well informed about the important goings on, and help shape public opinion on key ongoing issues of national interest. With growing scientific evidence that newspapers are safe, and that there’s really no risk of catching an infection from them, our #WantMyPaper campaign is aimed at nudging our ardent readers about what they’re missing out without their trusted newspaper in their hands.”

With one-liners like ‘Social Media Might Distort the Truth, The Newspaper Doesn’t’, the campaign also underlines the importance of subscribing to a credible publication. As normalcy returns to the country, the Times of India aspires to be a positive change agent and a window to various opportunities for its readers through the campaign.

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