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BRAND: McDonald’s India West and south

Campaign: #MealsMakeFamilies


“All of us working on this campaign just treated it as an extension of our own lives and drew from our own experiences - after all, is there anyone out there who hasn’t spent time with their family over a burger and fries, either at a McDonald’s or at home? It has been a heartwarming journey creating this.”

Pallavi Chakravarti, Creative Head - West, DDB Mudra


 “Post-pandemic, we have seen a distinct trend in people wanting to spend more time with their loved ones. Through this campaign, we want to position McDonald’s as the go-to brand for family meal-times, an occasion rich in emotions, with the brand having something to offer to every family member.”

Arvind R.P, Director - Marketing and Communications, McDonald’s India West and South

BRAND: Manyavar

Campaign: #RakhiKaBroCode


‘’Manyavar as a brand, always wanted to be synonymous with all joyous occasions, big or small. Through our communication, we have reflected that the true essence of Rakshabandhan comes only when the brother too is dressed in an Indian attire!’’

Shreyansh Baid, Director, Shreyansh Innovations


“Manyavar’s philosophy is all about keeping our culture and heritage in mind and making them even more special by wearing our traditional Indian wear. With the #RakhiKaBroCode campaign we aim at spreading the message and getting more people to wear Indian wear on all occasions.”

Vedant Modi, Chief Marketing Officer, Vedant Fashions Limited

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