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BRAND: Cadbury Dairy Milk
Campaign: Cadbury Dairy Milk Bodyguard


“When we forget our entitlements and treat all as equal and celebrate their happiness as if it is ours, the joy is doubled. This is the thought behind our latest campaign.”

Sukesh Nayak
Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India


“Generosity remains an innate part of Cadbury Dairy Milk’s storytelling. The campaign’s powerful, yet relatable narration will inspire people to look beyond their own realities and create shared moments of happiness.”

Anil Viswanathan
Vice President - Marketing, Mondelez India

BRAND: Bombae (erstwhile Bombay Shaving Company Women)
Campaign: #FuzzOff


“As opposed to what most hair removal ads for women show you, women very much have body hair and removing it is utterly painful. This campaign was a chance for us to discuss and have progressive discourses on the female experience.’’

Aarushi Periwal
Creative at Talented


“We believe it is important to show real emotions beyond being happy-go-lucky and having smooth skin. We believe in changing the game of how women’s hair removal is perceived in India, and this is a movement towards that.”

Siddha Jain
Chief Business Officer at Bombae

BRAND: Manyavar
Campaign: Taiyaar Hokar Aaiye


“In this film we took the opportunity to present Ranveer in a whole new avatar. We presented him as a spunky photographer to convey the message of ‘Taiyaar hokar aaiye’ to our audience.”

Shreyansh Baid
Founder and Director, Shreyansh Innovations


“I believe you are not fully dressed for an Indian wedding unless you are dressed in Indian wear. In line with this thought, this year we are launching the new series of films in our Taiyaar Hokar Aaiye campaign with Ranveer Singh.”

Vedant Modi
CMO, Vedant Fashions Limited

BRAND: Elda Health
Campaign: #PressPlay


"Overcoming any form of stigma is a slow process. The first step is to always call it out and spark a conversation. So, through the #PressPlay campaign we decided to showcase real women coming out and talking about their own menopausal symptoms.”

Disha Vaswani
Co-founder & CEO, Stone Soup


“Over the years, there has been complete silence on menopause among women, primarily due to the lack of awareness and a support system. We wanted them to open up and talk about this comfortably, and our campaign is a huge step in that direction.”

Swathi Kulkarni
Co-Founder & CEO, Elda Health

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