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BY Arka Roy Chowdhury

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“The film is a tribute to the ones who form the backbone of our agriculture-oriented economy. It tells you the untold story of those who rise above their circumstances every day and work hard towards feeding a growing nation.”

Rohit Devgun

“This campaign, under Parachute Kalpavriksha Foundation is dedicated to the country’s farmers. The unique limited-edition packs will act as a platform to acknowledge their consistent contribution to the society and give a glimpse of their lives to the people.”

Koshy George
Chief Marketing Officer, Marico Limited
“It took a long time and many test runs before we could get this project to the floor. Right from idea to execution, our creative team, Akshay Seth and Chinmay Raut, and the larger Bournvita team at Ogilvy have spared no effort. It has been an exciting journey..”

Harshad Rajadhyaksha & Kainaz Karmakar
Chief Creative Officers, Ogilvy India

“While society continues to view career options with a limited spectrum, we realized the need to urge parents to take off the pressure of latching the same career choices onto their children. Our idea is built on a simple premise of not overlooking a child’s true potential.”

Vikasdeep Katyal
Director– Marketing, GCBM, Mondelez India

“We are delighted to partner ManipalCigna again, especially at this exciting juncture for the brand. The Health Ki Keemat brand film spotlights the need to choose an expert while considering health insurance. After all, what’s invaluable can only be trusted with experts.”

Parixit Bhattacharya
Managing Partner-Creative, TBWA India

“Our new brand film leverages the insight that while health insurance has today moved from a ‘grudge’ purchase to a ‘nudge’ purchase, there exists a knowledge gap and limited product understanding. We believe Health is priceless, and people who value their and their family’s health will trust an expert.”

Sapna Desai
Chief Marketing Officer, ManipalCigna Health Insurance

“We live in a time of instant and urgent! The campaign line “Palak Jhapkao, Loan Pao” captures the spirit of quick loans offered by Tata Capital. In the films, the protagonist’s real and urgent needs combined with the play of slow motion versus real time action is what we hope makes them attention grabbing.”

Ritika Grover
Director, VISCOMM

“Tata Capital’s latest campaign aims to resonate with our customers’ ever increasing needs for immediate solutions. Quick loans give our customers the opportunity to fulfil their needs for loans simply and swiftly. This campaign reinforces our customers’ belief that they can always #CountOnUs to fulfil their aspirations”

Abonty Banerjee
Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, Tata Capital

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