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Ever since its association with the Indian Premier League in 2020, Cadbury Dairy Milk, through their broadcast partnership with Star Sports, has highlighted as well as celebrated the heroes that help us every day, yet are seldom appreciated, through their highly lauded “Acknowledging the Unacknowledged” campaign. If in 2020, the broadcast staff that toils behind the scenes of India’s premier TV event to bring viewers live action was celebrated, in IPL 2021 the partnership celebrated those individuals who stood behind our favorite Indian cricketers on their path to success in myriad ways.

During TATA IPL 2022, Cadbury Dairy Milk in association with the Mumbai Cricket Association, celebrated the ground staff who help make matches happen and ensure as smooth an experience for the athletes who play on the grounds & the audiences that watch them. To amplify the campaign and its various legs, Cadbury Dairy Milk leveraged its broadcast partnership with Star Sports. The partnership also created many memorable experiences for the MCA ground staff through various initiatives which included an exclusive Meet & Greet event for the ground staff with Indian legend Yuvraj Singh, where they got to spend an evening with the legend and got acknowledged by the cricketer himself.
Here’s a look a look at how the brand leveraged its broadcast association with Star Sports on TATA IPL 2022 to take their latest campaign of ‘Acknowledging the Unacknowledged’ to millions of viewers.

Campaign Announcement Promo: An exclusive, tailored promo was broadcast to announce the campaign in the leadup to the initiatives. The video captured moments of a day in the life of the MCA staff during TATA IPL 2022. Cadbury Dairy Milk gave these unsung heroes star player-like treatment from having their own team bus, to living in 5-star hotels and receiving and wearing customized jerseys designed by Masaba Gupta.
Cricket Nostalgia with Ground Staff through Exclusive Interviews
The ground staff of any international stadium has a massive responsibility to repair, maintain and get pitches ready for matches throughout the year. For the first time ever, an exclusive segment was created on Star Sports showcasing the stories of the ground staff. The members of the MCA ground staff were interviewed and their stories of life and work, as individuals and cricket ground staff members was brought to light. The enthused staff recounted how having played cricket at an early age helps them at work, how they work hard to make pitches to ensure a level playing field and the multitude of challenges they face while at their many duties. These stories were telecast before TATA IPL 2022 matches, offering ground staff members a national platform to tell their stories and share a part of their lives with millions of viewers.
Exclusive Meet & Greet with Yuvraj Singh: As part of their broadcast association with Star Sports, an exclusive Meet & Greet event was conducted for the MCA ground staff with Yuvraj Singh on Monday, 9th May 2022 at the Taj President hotel. The event was a celebration of the tireless efforts of the
Mumbai Cricket Association ground staff. This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for members of the ground staff and left many of them emotional at the gesture of being acknowledged. Yuvraj Singh also spoke at length about the contribution of ground staff throughout his playing career. The legendary ex-cricketer spent some quality time with the ground staff having a fun chat, playing box cricket and felicitating each member for their incredible efforts over the years. He also took to social media to share a snippet of the meet and greet event with millions of his fans acknowledging the efforts of the brands in recognizing and celebrating these unsung heroes of cricket.
Meet and Greet Segment on Broadcast: The Meet and Greet segment was broadcast across the Star Sports Network, promoting the campaign to millions of viewers, right before a match. Yet another season of the Indian Premier League, Cadbury Dairy Milk has leveraged the power of broadcast to celebrate unsung heroes of the sport and yet again bring smiles to the faces of millions of viewers nationwide.

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