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Roshan Abbas of Geometry Encompass says, “Frictionless commerce will be the winner”


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Frictionless commerce: again the marriage of on ground and e-commerce is a must. What we see physically we buy digitally. Companies that can create frictionless experiences will be the leader of the pack. Wait for Festivals that are purely sales lead.

Phygital experiences: Yes the word has been bastardized enough but anything on ground must have a digital long tail. Physical Experiences must have digital impressions. 

Passion led Communities: People will seek to rally around passion points much more. And these will be physical needs. Sports, entertainment will be the bigger suns in the solar system but we need to focus on the niche. For eg Wellness is a trend but under that there are so many niches Running, Yoga, meditation, alternate healing, sound baths, ASMR led therapy you name it.

While these are trends the one thing that is the overarching truth is this: The better Storyteller, the better experiential creator will thrive always. 

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