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Ogilvy and Thums Up:Olympics 2020 Campaign to break the new brand positioning


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MUMBAI:   As India enters its 100th year of participation at the Olympic Games, Thums Up aims to celebrate and salute the real heroes of the Olympic Games - athletes who overcame tremendous odds to reach where they are today. The campaign truly reflects the mood of not just the athletes representing India at the Olympic Games, but the entire nation. Every bottle in the hand of every consumer is now also their voice to 'Palat De' all the naysayers who say they can't or shouldn't do it.

The task at hand was to create a brand shift. And to do that, instead of taking away something from it, we decided to add something to it – real heroism. Making the campaign relatable and emotional, without disturbing the DNA of the brand. The uplifting tone of the campaign perfectly complements Thums Up’s repositioned brand message of resilience and real heroism of everyday people.

Sukesh Nayak, chief creative officer - Ogilvy India: “Completely turning the conversation upside down, it’s a game changer that takes the brand a notch higher. We believe it very well captures the emotion of the nation, when it comes to the Olympic athletes, our real heroes.”

Ritu Sharda, chief creative officer - Ogilvy India (North): “All of us have faced these naysayers, telling us what we can and can’t do. The emotion is real and relatable. And that’s why we think the idea is going to cut through the masses and turn into a cheer-storm for our athletes. Of course, the idea lives beyond a campaign and is a personal statement for anyone to say ‘Palat De’ to any challenge”

Arnab Roy, vice president and head-marketing, Coca-Cola India and  SouthWest  Asia: “Consumers are at the heart of Coca-Cola’s beverage portfolio. The company is acutely attuned to their preferences and continuously looks at innovative ways to connect people with our brands. Our partnership is a statement of empowerment, and our intent is to instill the ‘thunder’ of hope and strength amongst our consumers. The new upside down Thums Up bottle is a visual symbol of resilience that people showcase in their daily lives, against all odds.”  

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