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Q] Thoughts about TATA IPL 2022 as a brand and as a viewer?
It’s time for brands to use this opportunity to get noticed and create mass awareness. I think as a brand we have been excited over the past few years and with lots of new additions—-ten teams in the fray, and it’s happening in one go this year, and the biggest part is that fans are back in the stadium.
With fans back, and two additional teams, it has become a well-rounded offering, and as a brand we feel great to be part of this event.

Q] What are the key motivations behind the broadcast association with Tata IPL 2022?
We are amongst the fastest growing e-commerce brands in the country today. In terms of our value proposition, we appeal to a large cross section of India. Almost every value focused Indian shopkeeper who is on the internet, which is almost 550 million population, is the one we want to become the preferred shopping brand for.
Our ambition is to become the preferred shopping platform for a billion Indians and I don’t think there is a better platform than the IPL. I think as a brand we need awareness and we also need to build top of mind recall. IPL is one event/media property where the viewership intent is very high, and people stick till the end of the match.
As an event, IPL is far more than an advertising property. It offers lots of integration possibilities. It’s a very good mix of large-scale awareness, and very high engagement that one can create.

Q] Tell us about the Meesho Super Saves segment that comes on the Byju’s Cricket Live?
Meesho stands for the right price across the wide variety of offerings, and across the ecommerce platform we provide the lowest price one can get.
We felt that if we are standing for a value proposition, it will make sense to call it Super Saves. From the game perspective, saving runs, and from the brand perspective saving money, is the right combination and fits well. The combination of the two was the idea behind the Super saves segment.

Q] On leveraging IPL on TV as a long-term association?
We are in the long haul as far as this partnership is concerned and we have a long way to go. For us to become a preferred brand of a billion Indians, we are talking about the same journey which IPL took many years back. This association will go on and we will look at the next year too strategically. It’s a once-in-a-year opportunity for brands and this will be a match that will be there for the next few years.

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