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Over the years donning multiple roles in life and fulfilling so many responsibilities, I have realized the importance of revitalizing my energy to not get lost in the vicious cycle where every day seems to be running on a repeat mode. Breaking free from this monotony is essential for me to keep motivated, and I seek thrilling experiences to always stay lively and alive. These experiences take me to new destinations and help me explore different activities that rescue me from getting lost in the hustle and bustle of life.

Travelling helps me to discover new avenues in life. Trying new things always keeps me motivated, making me realize that there are so many things that are still left to be experienced. Till date, I have tried a gamut of exciting activities – sky diving, ice skiing, meeting the penguins, bashing in the dunes, riding in a hot air balloon, dancing with sea lions, and cliff jumping. But things do not end here. Being an avid explorer, I have my bucket list where I want to learn how to fly a plane, and also learn horse riding, and try wingsuit jumping.

On my last trip, I had gone to Dubai. The experience there was really enthralling and fascinating. Similarly, I also went to Shimla, where I did skiing. The whole experience there was mesmerizing, from hailstorm to snowfall, and making a snowman, just made me feel alive. Next, I plan to go to Maldives and Mauritius in search of something new.

All in all, I have realized that I yearn for enthusiasm in life. It gives me the spark to never stop in life. I cannot repeat any activity. I am always on the lookout for something new. I am always driven by thrilling activities, so I generally don’t plan a trip if there are no exciting things to be done there.

I feel that life is too short and at times hectic. Hence, to cope with it, finding that element that makes you feel alive is important to keep going. This is just one side of exploration. I also have many aspirations, and one such is to start dancing as a hobby this year. I was an avid dancer during my college days when I had a group, and used to choreograph and participate in the events, but in the journey to becoming an entrepreneur, it faded away. But I am passionate to start it again and rediscover it. Well, I am thinking how to make it all come true this year.

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